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By 2017, the global sports market output has exceeded 2 trillion U.S. dollars. But in emerging markets like China, more and more companies and projects are willing to join. The sports industry is really more than one can count. The business behind the sports industry contributes to a number of great statistics and the opportunity-packed package it has is almost endless. But there is still a lot of inefficiency in the sports industry. therefore blockchain entrepreneurs through highly decentralized decentralized platforms and cover all industries seeking to get into the sports industry and business

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What is Faxport?

Faxport is a platform built on blockchain that focuses on providing more confidence and security to the global sports industry. Faxport has also taken into account the poor sports fans and newly started sportsmen so they may not face financial difficulties in their growth path.
Through their product, Fax Go, those users will be able to start a crowds-funding campaign on the blockchain itself where people may come to support the described athlete or start-up to help them grow with their small contribution that I think is a great initiative in the company section.
Faxport leverages the benefits of central trust, focusing on its use in the core business of sports investment platforms, sports business databases, professional social networking, recruitment, crowdfunding, etc.
It is a complete ecosystem targeted to solve the challenges and problems faced by the growing global sports market. It aims to increase user retention through the application of positive encouragement and dispute resolution mechanisms, and also strives to grow into more areas and areas of use. The purpose of this white paper is to describe the Faxport usage environment, the operation of each subsystem and describe the usefulness of Faxport Tokens throughout the ecosystem.
The sports services industry is located at the heart of the sports industry. It mainly provides sports and work services to influence the growth rate of the entire sports industry. The growth rate of the sports services industry always serves as one of the main indicators of the maturity of a country’s sports industry.
The major sports services market products include sports industry talent, capital, technology, intangible assets, information, and intellectual property. The sports services industry is relatively mature in North American and Western European economies, comprising 80% of the gross output value of the entire sports industry. There is also a field in the emerging global sports industry like China. This is an area that exploits expansion and explosive but sustainable growth.
This is a decentralized sporting crowdfunding clearing platform with cryptocurrencies like FAS, BTC, and ETH. Through smart contracts, the project side and investment side in FAX GO can control the program’s time cycle and return on investment.
Tom is voting for a smart football pitch project that he is interested in by his own vote. Growing projects in the community will be pushed to the FAX GO platform for public fundraising. Prior to this, the voting Tom could be a privileged investor and project community participant during the formal public fundraising phase.
From holding FAS purchases, the project team can receive the user investment in real time, and the use and direction of this investment is progress and recorded in great detail in the blockchain. Faxport ‘The vertical sports industry database platform will prove very useful for those deeply engaged in the sports industry, such as professionals, investors, and job seekers. Kelvin users can earn rewards by providing valid information. The database will be the basis of other app scenarios.

Faxport Products are available

Commercial database
Because the sports industry is large in size, collecting data is sometimes difficult. Data can refer to the number of sports companies, the number of employees or even investment and financial history. Faxport combines data collected from various sources and provides users with open access so users can upload and edit data themselves. This not only ensures that the data provided is of high quality but also reduces the total execution time of the search data. When the platform is based on blockchain, the database can be called 100% trusted.

Commercial network
It connects the participants of the global sports industry. Since all transactions conducted on this platform are recorded, all stakeholders will have a consistent basis for trust, allowing people to find reliable partners.

How To Utilise Blockchain Technology?

Faxport uses the database constructed on Ethereum. It combines the technology of smart contract, IPFS
and traditional distributed database to store data. Data survey work will be conducted by the dPOS authorization consensus mechanism, which ensures
the higher degree of privacy, reliability, and expand-ability.

  • FAS is the token Faxport issues. You can use FAS to buy FX with discounts, and FAS is also the standard investment equivalents on FAX GO crowdfunding platform.
  • FX, a reward credit, can be purchased with FIAT or with FAS. FX and reward mechanisms make Faxport efficient and active

The Mission

Faxport’s goal is to become the most popular and professional sports service platform in the world. Its objective is to create a more transparent and reliable sports economy based on three key security, transparency and block efficiency benefits. Krome Togo, the number of active users of Faxport, has a significant overall impact and radiation, which will lead to Rynku’s fairer and more transparent global sports services.

Recruitment Talent
The platforms allow employers to more effectively reach job seekers through the FX Rewards Mechanism. This makes the entire recruitment process more efficient, less expensive, and reduces the cost of recruitment compared to traditional ones.

Commercial cooperation
Faxport’s Blockchain facility ensures that its transactions are always recorded and can not be changed. This leads to both parties involved in the transaction being able to cooperate and issue good judgments and decisions.

Sports platform
This is a decentralized sports platform that uses community voting and smart contracts to help investors or fans participate in funding projects that can not grow well due to lack of funds.

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Sports Crowdfunding Platform
Through community voting, smart contracts and other blockchain technologies, a community autonomy sports investment and crowdfunding platform is constructed. Users support the subject including but not limited to athletes, events, startup projects and products in the community by using the ballots they have.

  • Sports Venture Capital
    Startup company raises project funds at FAX GO for company operations and business expansion, and brings return to investors.
  • Sports Equipment Crowdfunding
    Sports equipment manufacturers can raise R&D funds and pre-sale for their new products at FAX GO.
  • Event Crowdfunding
    Athletes and sports lovers can release a crowdfunding at FAX GO for a small event.
  • Athlete Crowdfunding
    Young athletes can release funds for their personal growth at FAX GO for higher development.

FAX Data

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Sports Business Database
Faxport records global sports industry data, including but not limited to company information, industry information, supply information, venue information, building a 100% fully-trusted database through blockchain.

FAX Connect

Sports Business Social Network
By connecting global sports industry participants, everyone can find trustworthy business partner on Faxport.

FAX Career

Sports Talent Recruitment
Recruiters can reach job seekers in a more efficient way by setting up rewards to accelerate and amplify the spread of recruitment information through Faxport.

Reward Mechanism Faxport

Is equipped with a complete set of reward mechanisms. These mechanisms are based on Ethereum’s smart contracts, which ensures that they are open, fair, trustworthy and enforceable. For example, when a user contributes data, the reward contract will be run, and return a certain amount of FX credit as a reward. In addition, the user can use FX to purchase VIP services such as in-depth reports, business networking, talent recruitment from within the platform.


Investment opportunity
FAS coins have been released through pre-ICO sales. Pre-ICO starts on 30 March and will continue for the next 4 days before closing on April 18th. You can buy 3613 FAS coins by investing 1 Ethereum during the pre-ICO period. After the closing of pre-ICO sales, ICO will start from 25 April which will be divided into 3 phases where the number of FAS coins per Ethereum will continue to decrease after each phase. During the first phase (April 25-29), 1ETH will give you 3462 temporary FAS during the 2nd phase (April 30 to May 9) 1ETH will be equal to 3312 FAS. In the last phase that will continue until May 24, you will qualify for 3161 FAS per Ethereum. They also set a minimum investment of 0.1ETH.
Recruitment of Sports Talent
Recruiters can reach out to job seekers in a more efficient way through Faxport’s acceleration of recruitment information through Faxport.

Token Distribution

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  • 20% | 40,000,000 (Pre Sale)
  • 25% | 50,000,000 (Crowdsale)
  • 22% | 44,000,000 (Faxport Ecosystem Preparation)
  • 15% | 30,000,000 (Team)
  • 15% | 30,000,000 (Investors and Advisors)
  • 3% | 6,000,000 (Marketing Budget)


  • Total Supply: 200,000,000 FAS ($ 30.0 M)
  • Soft Cap: 18,000,000 FAS ($ 2.7 M)
  • Initial Sales Target: 40,000,000 FAS ($ 6.0 M)
  • Sales Target Token: 50,000,000 FAS ($ 7.5 M)
Please note that the ETH / FAS exchange rate will be reset on March 30 (Initial Day of Sale) and April 25 (Crowdsale day). 1 FAS ≈ 0.15 USD. According to law, US and Chinese citizens and residents are not permitted to participate in the Sale of Tokens. Faxport can adjust FAS exchange rates if BTC or ETH prices fluctuate too much.


For more information and to join Fax social media

please follow some resources for the following references:
Website                        : https://faxport.io
Telegram Group         : https://t.me/Faxportglobal
Twitter                         : https://twitter.com/Faxport_EN
Facebook                     : https://www.facebook.com/Faxport_Global-150461205635116
Media                           : https://medium.com/@faxport
ANN                              : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3247514
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