FEEDOCK – open source platform and network
Peaceful greeting of the universe
If you are interested in joining the FeeDock project, it is recommended to read reviews that will help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission, namely:
FEEDOCK is an open source and intelligent network platform that allows people to trade and predict the results of cryptocurrency trading and reward them.
We have created a platform for margin trading on bitcoin and altar. Coins.
FEEDOCK will unite the power of blockchain technology for mass fans, especially those who predict and track the movement of cryptocurrency in various networks.
The ability to combine acquired knowledge in a controlled market with a block chain will help create outstanding responses to intelligent networks designed to reach many users.
The FEEDOCK Token is the currency for exchanging information and conducting transactions on a network platform; then bitcoin and several other altcoins can be exchanged on the platform to be FEEDOCK tokens.
Problems and Solutions
We create tokens to solve the biggest problems with block chains in the world related to cross-border payments, data availability and payments.
FEEDOCK briefly
FEEDOCK is a cryptocurrency prediction network where people can marginalize bitcoin trading and several altars. Predictions are made in the direction of prices in each chosen variant in order to fall to a certain price in a certain period of time or a rise in prices is expected. Each prediction in FEEDOCK yielded an odd profit to give an advantage to any amount that one has to predict when winning.
Communication between providers and FEEDOCK
End users will ensure that users on the network get the best by providing the best predictions to ensure maximum profit from the cryptocurrency market. The network has also established special features to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of users on the network.
Users will certainly get better prediction tips thanks to FEEDER FEEDOCK and liquidity reserves. In addition, FEEDER also guarantees users guaranteed payment without delay.
Exchange of tokens will not be a problem on the platform, because users do not need to worry about finding buyers or looking for exchanges to trade tokens.
Sales and Cost
Feeder fix letters will be issued based on Ethereum, Bitocin or other large coins. This token is compatible with the services of third-party wallets, exchanges, etc. And it provides convenient integration.
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Token Information
From October 12, 2018 (12:00 GMT)
The number of tokens sold 6 750 000 000 FDK
End November 3, 2018 (12:00 AM)
Name of the token FEEDOCK
Heart fdk
Marker type ERC20
Decimal 8
Total supply of 9,000,000,000
ICO 1 FDK price Token = 0.00000004, 1 ETH = 25,000,000 FDK
Bonus 1- 1.99ETH 5%, 2- 4.99ETH 12%, 5ETH + 25%
Team token blocked for 6 months
SoftCap 100 ETH
HardCap 270 ETH
Contract Address 0x3c187481534c8d3f5bfBAb6b3B09D8466bFEB769
Current for command Address 0x5C647abe86450bDFCFd54058BA3ecD5C5e0f9696
Initial distribution of tokens and distribution of sales
Team Success
To find more information from the FeeDock project, please follow several sources for the following links:
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