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Blockchain technology constantly progressing and at the same time has grown the community and many new enthusiasts. More and more individuals and even companies are starting to plunge here and as a result, thousands of cryptocurrency have been created to actualize the actual decentralized network. This implies that blockchain indeed has great potential, but on the other hand creates new problems, namely interoperability or communication between different blockchain. Until now, there is no solution that fully able to solve this problem. Most people use decentralized exchanges or atomic swaps to exchange assets on a different blockchain, but this solution still leaves many problems and cannot be fully relied on.

Ferrum network has solved the above problem by building a DAG-based interoperability network that is connected to every blockchain. Ferrum Network enables peer-to-peer transactions of digital assets in milliseconds and allows users to trade, transact, exchange and store digital assets without taking custody of those assets. Here are the features of Ferrum Network:

  1. The DAG Ledger

Ferrum Network utilizes a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) to implement decentralized ledgers. Unlike blockchain, DAG does not require miners to confirm each transaction resulting in a faster transaction process and lower costs. By utilizing DAG, Ferrum Network can confirm transactions in milliseconds with network fees of around 1 cent.

  1. Interoperability Network

Ferrum Network enables the fast and cheap peer-to-peer exchange of any digital asset regardless of originating blockchain. Users can import their assets safely to Ferrum Network and create a proxy of imported assets. A proxy can then be used as a medium of exchange for other digital assets and can be converted back to originating cryptocurrency. A proxy represents another digital asset that has the same value as its backing asset.

  1. Import/Export Value

At Ferrum Network, the digital asset is likened to cash and proxy as certified bank checks. Users can lock in cash by going to the bank and the bank provides a certified check worth of cash. If the user decides to get their cash back, the user can return to the bank and the bank will destroy the check and unlock the cash. More or less that is a picture of Ferrum Network’s ability to import values from outside blockchain and export it back to the previous blockchain.

  1. Decentralized Proxy

The transaction subject on the Ferrum Network is proxy. Proxy is not a cryptocurrency but rather a function of the external cryptocurrency value it represents. By using a proxy, users can exchange and transact digital assets without being limited to the scalability and throughput of the original network. Users can use UniFyre Wallet to import assets, create a proxy, and easily exchange their tokens (OTC) without risk.

  1. High-Frequency Trading

Ferrum network can serve as a layer for the settlement of other decentralized exchange. Moreover, through Infinity DEX, users can conduct secure transactions without risk and be completed in less than one second. In addition, Infinity DEX will be accompanied by an intuitive interface and advanced features for professional trading such as high-frequency trading, short sales, and AI trading assistance.

  1. The FRM Token

FRM token is Ferrum Network’s native token which is used as a transaction fee. When FRM is used to execute a transaction, the token will be burned thereby reducing FRM supply.

Ferrum Network Products

  1. Kudi Exchange: a fiat gateway and payment application based in Nigeria that allows users to trade digital assets quickly and at a low cost, including Bitcoin, Gemini Dollar, and others.
  2. UniFyre Wallet: wallet with safety features that offer the ability to risk-free OTC trading and instant market trading.
  3. Sub-Zero Wallet: allows users to turn their Android into cold-storage.
  4. Infinity DEX: exchange of high-speed decentralized cross-chains with features such as decentralization of high-frequency trading, smart margin contracts for short asset sales, and AI trade assistants.

Ferrum Network Team & Partner

Ferrum Network Roadmap

For more information, please visit:

Whitepaper: http://whitepaper.ferrum.network/

Website: https://ferrum.network/

Kudi Exchange: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ferrum.kudi

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerrumNetwork

Telegram: http://t.me/ferrum_network

BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2256570



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