Blockchain technology has gotten to the level in which the whole world cannot do without it. We have discovered that this technology is making the news headline everyday which symbolizes global and rapid adoption of this technology. But despite the greatness and potential of this technology, there are still some things that needed to be improved upon its use. We have several and different blockchain network such as bitcoin blockchain, ethereum blockchain, eos blockchain, tron blockchain and some other more. The level of difficulties associated with each of this blockchain network varies based on the type of blockchain.
We have some blockchain that are more cumbersome and difficult to use than some others, we also have some that easy to use but they are lacking some other qualities. Let’s take for example the speed of transaction which is solely dependent on the nature of blockchain transaction. Some transactions do take several hours before it could be confirmed on the blockchain network, some blockchain also charges high transaction and mining fees. This is the reason why a new team has gathered around to rectify this problem by launching a new blockchain project known as FESS

FESS Chain is the first of its kind public blockchain which is specifically designed to circumvent the existing loopholes in blockchain technology and craft it in a manner suitable for mass adoption. As we have already stressed on the lack of security and scalability in existing blockchains, FESS Chain focusses on both these aspects. We have come up with a simple, unique yet effective solution to these drawbacks.

Fesschain is the first decentralized platform addressing the shortcomings of the existing electronic settlement system. FESS offers a quicker and safer way to transact in an electronic environment through application of cutting edge technology. FESS blockchain is a multi layered system, in which each and every transaction before being recorded is verified either with its timestamp or the Bitcoin blockchain or both. FESS Chain will enable fragmented and parallel processing of transactions.

Fesschain have created a decentralized platform that will solve all your electronic settlement woes. Existing systems on operational blockchains are crippled with huge network load, and hence they are vulnerable to security threats apart from being obnoxiously slow.

The uniquely designed blockchain makes best use of Artificial Intelligence and other such advanced authentication methods. Thereby, it dares to promote secure and safe transactions of any volume all across the globe.

FESS is Mainstream Technology where Speed combines with Security not only theoretically but in practical means. Most of the projects running at present either claim to deliver speed or safety. None of them has sincerely found a solution for scalability where people can easily transact with supersonic speed or can run a DApp with the full potential. FESS dares to not only Work on this issue but also solve it.

Our vision at FESS Chain is to serve this growing demand by harnessing blockchain technology and coming up with unique and practical use cases backed by a robust technical architecture. To be more specific our objective at FESS Chain is to accomplish the following:

To create a universal settlement system on our blockchain which offers both security and high transactional speed, while maintaining a decentralized workflow.
To execute a decentralized fiat-less economy through our blockchain.
To optimize and secure all supply chains to our blockchain.
To build a decentralized exchange for all kinds of goods and services; basically optimizing the age-old barter system through advanced.
Unique Features of Fesschain

Trust and Transparency
The complete decentralized architecture on FESS instills the much needed trust and transparency within all transactional networks.

A double layered authentication method of transactions, based on blockchain technology makes it virtually impossible to hack into Fess system.

The unique parallel processing algorithm ensures 450-900 transactions per second(TPS), way ahead of existing solutions.

Fesschain platform through its token powers individuals and business for their various needs.

Why choose Fesschain?
FESS Chain offers a super secured multi-layered blockchain with a unique authentication which verifies every transaction with the highly diversified and secure Bitcoin Blockchain and/or the timestamp of that transaction. This makes their blockchain practically unhackable that too without compromising the speed.

Token Details
Token name: Fesschain
Ticker: FESS
Type: ERC20
Total supply: 10 billion
Total initial supply: 650 million
Price: $0.01
Minimum investment: 1 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, NEO

Token Distribution



For more information click on the link i have provided

Website: https://fesschain.live/

Litepaper: https://fesschain.live/images/azalea/Litepaper-low.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/fesschain

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fesschain/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fesschain

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialfess/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/14609086

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwxzGn-MGmJl2Lf8cPhRzwA

Medium: https://medium.com/fesschain


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