Digital currency is one of the blessings of technological measures over the past decade
which includes a secure cryptographic function that enables merchants to feel safe and secure, and to check asset balances at the sources mentioned in
controlled way.
Now every day, at least, I’ve heard of Bitcoin, which is decentralized and gaining popularity among the masses over time. This form of currency has its own unique features, which simply become the object of traditional electronic mechanisms, which are managed and controlled by the banking system. Unlike centralized systems, such systems include aspects of decentralization.
To speed up transaction processing and operational payments, it is undeniable that currency exchange should move under Fiat and the FIN Token underneath it really has a reputation for a global solution, regardless of its territorial distribution.
ProblemUntil then, the availability of traditional financial conditions has limited ability to run, and clients are also lacking in terms of online initiatives.
It has a great practical purpose. Investors are fed up with the existence of some
The factors in the financial environment, which examine the maximum return for them, and we hope through penetration into our daily lives, big, big and even the biggest dream will turn into reality. It is estimated that approximately every day about $ 22 trillion consumer spending moves between traders and other segments.
FianCia has a vision to introduce strong sound kicking and global trade copying
A platform that fosters financial activity and gains the trust of giant actors, and
individual traders so they feel a sense of comfort.
FianTsia  is  a  system  trading  backup  system  , which  includes  in  itself  offline features            
and  strategies for the  growth of  social  networks  .    
It can be judged by the fact that in the near future
Cata-titatasi market associated with this number will be achieved
10  000 000 000 000  dollar AS . 
In connection with the new breakthrough, it is undeniable to introduce a television channel that can distribute and help the traveling traders around the world in terms of news and current data related to
international  market  on  24/7  basis  .    
Our vision will be directed to constant growth, colossal progress with, with the umbrella of the Organization amongst the stable and the orientation of transparency, thoroughness, and adherence to professional ethics for the collective interest in general.
Such a system would allow to behave abruptly from anywhere in the world in any form, including crypto due to FIN Token, ranging from smartphones in the hands of someone to the FianCia App.
About  ICO 
In general, FianCia Ltd strives to offer coin fins on the date indicated on March 1, 2018 13:00 GMT. In
In this connection, the company deliberately only carries up to 3000 airs in its early stages
6,000,000 tokens. FianTsia believes a total of 30,000 water for the project. FianCia
in accordance with   the  obligations  and  agreements  not  to  accept  contributions  as  and  when the  threshold          
30   000   air  tight  hat   was   hit   The company has a FIN token distribution target in terms of  
percent, such as 10% for pre-ICO phase, 75% related to basic sales, 11% to founders, consultants
and team members are present in it, and especially 4% for the Bounty program to be discussed
in such a process comprehensively. The company has a target of 6,000,000 proof of FIN
delivery in connection with the initial ICO.
Scale discount up to min.
  • 35  %  0.1  air  April 25  ,  2018     
  • 20  %  0.1  eter  05  Mei  2018     
  • 10  %  0.1  eter  15  Mei  2018     
  • 7  %  0.1  ether  30  Mei  2018     
  • 4  %  0.1  ether  05zhuni  2018    
FIN value tokens will grow based on the following facts
Based on the acquisition of a large number of participants in our platform, the FIN token value will increase due to platform commission charging.
Ÿ TV channel subscriptions, paid content, advertising and sponsorship will help the value of the fin grow.
Conclusion fianTsia being a UK listed company intends to steal a march in a unique way in the crypto world, and in this case includes and tries to realize potential investors and traders, that due to channel attendance is regulated, the decentralization of the technology chain, the trading system and the internal control it will be able to reaching a landmark and providing a healthy position in such an environment that at the cultivation stage, In addition, its popularity has increased the reservoir for  ednie several years. To achieve a successful path and long recognition of business plans and other strategies will prove detrimental to potential stakeholders, as well as industrial installations
We are happy to announce the Bounty campaign. We welcome everyone who wants to participate in our Bounty campaign. You can earn many awards by participating in one or more events in any language.
Distribution of generosity
█  Campaign  1  :  Signature  –  –  25  %      
█  Campaign  2  :  Transfer  –  –  10  %      
█  Campaign  3  :  Content  creation  –  10  %      
█  Campaign  4  :  YouTube  video  creation  –  –  10  %        
█  Campaign  4  :  Facebook  –  –  20  %      
█  Campaign  5  :  Twitter  –  –  20  %      
█ Campaign 6: Telegram – – 5%
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