FiiiCoin – A Blockchain for Everyone.

Today we are in a position to enter a new era, called the blockchain or, more precisely, the ‘Value Internet’, which is based on digital goods. Blockchain allows us to exchange any digital asset at any time anywhere in the world. Like a traditional register, blockchain is basically a transaction log. These transactions can be exchanges of money, goods or data. Decentralized applications and decentralization generally tend to capture all new technologies, important steps being taken in this area that is now beginning to attract more revenue streams from visionary investors.
Now I want to introduce you one of this year’s startups which is called Agnum. I will explain you about this start-up, official sale of chips, team and potential.
The DPoC concept of FiiiCOIN originated from the PoC concept of Burst Coin. FiiiLab is able to improve it further by re-writing the codes in C#, to make DPoC more stable, more energy efficient and secure. The algorithm is also a fairer consensus mechanism, and it is developed for mobile mining.” Explained FiiiLab CTO and co-founder Sylvester to Nasdaq senior reporter Jane King.

Cryptocurrencies are still largely perceived as “too volatile”, “too complicated” or “something for high-end users only” by the average user. FiiiCOIN was developed with the aim of changing this perception altogether by making cryptocurrencies tremendously user-friendly and accessible to users from all backgrounds.

It is our vision to forge a uniquely user-centric Blockchain ecosystem where data, funds, and information, in general, can be shared seamlessly and securely while at the same time thoroughly simplify the participation criteria to pave the way for total participation in the Blockchain ecosystem.

In essence, it is our ultimate vision to build a Blockchain ecosystem not only for a select few users, but for every single user out there.


As a Utility Token, with the compatibility to build within FiiiPOS, forms a healthy blockchain ecosystem. FiiiLab is building this ecosystem by collaborating with more blockchain companies, and FiiiPOS is targeted to integrate with more than 1500 cryptocurrencies within the next 24 months. It is hoped that this will help the FiiiPOS terminals penetrate and sweep the consumer market,” shared FiiiLab founder and CSO Joey Huang.

In order to have the other 99% of non-cryptocurrency users adopt Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, do not confine them to only speculative investment. The easiest way to make it happen is to treat your friend to coffee using Bitcoin.

FiiiPOS is slated to launch the FiiiCOIN DPoC mining function before the 4th quarter of this year, while the mining function will be rolled out to FiiiPAY wallet users by 2nd quarter of 2019.
You can find all the details about this project and the steps they will take in a more elaborate form and with more technical details at the addresses listed below:
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