Fiiicoin: Blockchain for everyone

There are several advantages that the use of the blockchain technology entails. More and more companies are showing interest in this area and are choosing to implement the technology in their company structure. Today we discuss Fiiicoin, who strives to focus on different aspects of the blockchain. A fairly identical project since they have defined five areas on which they will focus. All this is done under the name FiiiGroup and in order to achieve the objectives set by the project team, it has been decided to organize a coin sale. Below you can read more about this project and all the details.

What is the project?

It can be said about certain cryptocurrency that it is too difficult to use and does not target a broad target group. This project was released by the team to solve these problems around the blockchain and to create a currency that is accessible to everyone. The more people use and show interest in the world of cryptocurrency, the better. Of course, it is important to what extent the crypto coins are user-friendly and focus on a large target group, should they wish to exist in the coming years. The community plays a crucial role in this.

Mobile mining:

For these reasons, the project team has chosen to say about their project that it is aimed at everyone. With a broad and dynamic team that has experience in various areas of business life, the aim is to raise this project to a higher level and to ensure that Fiiicoin becomes an important pillar in the world of cryptocurrency. Another important feature of the platform is that there is the possibility of mining on the mobile phone. Together these mobile phones play an important role in the ecosystem of this project.

Token information:

The use of mobile phones can be thought to be difficult to implement, but the Fiii project team has created an algorithm that makes it possible to minate on the mobile phone. It is advisable to read more about this in the relevant documents on the website of the project, which can also be found below. With a starting price of 0.12 dollar for a coin it is possible to purchase the FiiiCOIN on the website of the project. The soft cap of the project is fifteen million dollars, with a hard cap of forty million dollars.




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