One of the greatest inventions in the 21st century is the blockchain technology which has brought about new ways of doing things all around the world. The decentralization that the blockchain technology brought has been a major point of attraction that has made it virtually impossible to completely erase an already inputted data which has helped many sectors and industry. It has given a good sense of security, speed and accuracy. The financial sector is a major beneficiary of the blockchain technology.

The reality is, as cryptocurrency is gaining wider acceptance on a daily basis and the scope of its users and rate of adoption is very alarming. Yet there is no cryptobank that can simplify the interface between the cryptoworld and the fiat world. The fact is that, cryptocurrency is not yet widely accepted directly for day-to-day activities like shopping, paying bills and utilities which is a big limitation to its users.

The Good News ! 
The good news is that, there is a platform on the blockchain that serves which is a mining established designed trade system where each Smartphone consumer will have the ability to take part in keeping the whole system without relying on cards and mining machines. that will link the cryptocurrency ecosystem with the conventional market. The name of the platform is Fiii ! 
Fiiicoin is a mining established designed trade process where each Smartphone consumer will have the ability to take part in keeping the whole process without relying on cards and mining machines. The intention of make this coin into re-utilize resources that are current particularly cellular phones to take part. Crypto Fan who doesn’t have the cash to spend or a non-IT consumer can able to participating in mining system to made some benefit. Devices aren’t high at mining because of their limited storage ability, computing power that is feeble, low battery due to that device isn’t capable of keeping block-chain system 24/7. Networks demand 4G technology for distributing data and when we encounter node cellular may complete up all bandwidth very quickly. Fiiicoin mining consensuses are evidence of evidence and ability of capacity algorithms that are assigned which can achieve mining and also enable their own network to be completely synchronized with by phones. Fiicoin is a P2P system architecture which will connect continuously to sync information inside precisely the network. P2P imply that node has communicating capacities and statements that other have in topology.
FiiiCoin For Online Stores:
Fiiicoin is more than just a crypto wallet and allow you a simply way to shop online and make payments through Fiiipay network. It exchange has power capabilities of multi-crypto transactions and supports more than 1500 crypto coins. Their API is designed to be integrated with any website and online stores and give you an efficient method to send and receive online. Bluetooth 4.0 beacon technology payment process will be used that will broadcast custom pay load data that contains user identity information. FiiiPOS terminal will detect custom pay load and process payment request.
Thiѕ big рlаtfоrm also supports the оthеr аrmѕ of FiiiPOS аnd FiiiPAY.

For thоѕе in the buѕinеѕѕ оf making аррliсаtiоnѕ, FiiiLab Ltd hаѕ also dеvеlореd a сuѕtоmizаblе blосkсhаin frаmеwоrk that еnаblеѕ рlug аnd рlау fеаturе fоr thе рurроѕе of соmmеrсiаl аррliсаtiоn.Thiѕ is thе FiiiChаin.

Fiii Crypto Exchange : 
FiiiEX is a crypto-currency exchange that will offer users to trade crypto currencies online just as like other current exchanges. Just Only the main different will be it will work under the FiiiGroup and supports FiiiPay and FiiiPOS through trading. Their exchange will be linked to their app to check out latest price.

Token & Distribution Info: 
Token Name : Fiii
Total Supply : 5,000,000,000
Total Coin for Sale : 420,000,000
Launch Price : US$0.12
Soft Cap : US$15,000,000
Hard Cap : US$40,000,000
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This is very fist number of growing project & this project has got a very number of ratings from various top ICO monitoring sites. ICOBench has given them a staggering 4.4 rating. They are getting the big institutions attention and they are hopeful about convincing big corporations and investors to back them.

The blockchain system has been on the quest to revolutionize the operations of the normal world. However, with the emergence of this venture, it is a sure fact that the blockchain system will reach it full adoption.

Founders of fiii
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For more information you can visit Fiii‘s official site and read their whitepaper. The links can be found below.


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