For the development of the FFL we will use the technical base of the existing system system that we created in 2008 and has continued to increase to date. The main actions that can be taken in the FFL system by users are content search, use, addition, sorting, copyright claims, and content sales, as well as investing their resources on P2P networks. The P2P network will be the backbone of the FFL system, it will provide file storage and exchange functions using resources from system users. The use of P2P will ensure system scalability and cost efficiency.

When providing online file sharing services, a large portion of resource consumption is generated by network load on service provider infrastructure. P2P network architecture is a distributed architecture where the resources needed for operating memory, processing power, network bandwidth are shared among all network users. In a P2P network every time a new user connects the amount of resources available on the network increases proportionally to the number of users. The P2P architecture can be divided into two types: full decentralization and hybrid decentralization. Until 2010, like other similar services, used the classic client-server architecture to provide file sharing services.

What is Platform is a powerful platform for developers to allow arbitrary technology connections and for the dissemination of technology to the internet. This platform reduces development costs because it provides a framework for users to access and manage files. This platform also has a graphical user interface with a window manager that works on all platforms with a web browser. This allows developers to manage cloud services and adjust their environment.
Developers need to create a device optimized application to maximize the number of users accessing their applications. Network where participants share ownership of infrastructure and receive a token prize. can be described as one of the first Blockchain operating systems. It can be accessed online in browser tabs or installed natively on Linux, allowing users and developers to enter using a Files account online or in their offline notebook How does Blockchain work?

Through this platform, developers can connect their applications with other applications running on the network to open extraordinary functions. Technology is used to build distributed systems, allowing participants to share functions and data. This platform enables distributed cryptosystems, storage and dynamic computing as well as collaboration between many nodes to efficiently provide and enable capabilities in any work domain. The use of virtual friends computer models also allows organizations to deploy services and applications with zero application costs.
When users deploy applications to the network, the application is immediately created globally using decentralized technology to transfer files and business logic. When developers use the store, they can make money without intermediaries.

Benefits of the Platform Library

Legal File Sharing
The FFL will eliminate illegal problems in file sharing through the application of advanced technologies such as AI and working with content creators. In addition, the FFL will ensure compliance with laws regarding content creators and content owners by establishing libraries in the EU, US and many other regions.
Preservation of Sufficient Data
The FFL will create a modern and digital file library based on blockchain technology, which is ideal for storing, accessing and tagging files for users around the world. This will allow the platform to retain digital files for future use.
Unlimited File Sharing
The FFL will not have a limit for sharing files in bulk and will not require users to pay for download traffic or other maintenance costs.

Solutions Offered

First of all, (FFL) uses P2P networks supported by the community and eliminates their shortcomings:

  • Enables Internet users to access free and paid content that is useful in an easy and legal way
  • Give rewards to the authors for their work
  • Enables community members to receive remuneration for doing useful work to save digital heritage for the sake of current and future internet users


In my opinion, from the solutions offered, it is clear what benefits community members and writers get.
The advantage of community members is that they receive wages to do useful work for storing digital inheritance for internet users now and in the future, while writers will receive prizes for their work or work. This prize is usually in the form of tokens paid by the company.
In addition, is also committed so that internet users can access useful and free content that is useful in an easy and legal way.
Conclusion:  For the popularity of it seems we don’t need to hesitate anymore. they have a high number of website visitors 33737 per Alexa day rank below 15,000, this ranking is already high. This is normal because is a company that has long existed. So it’s not strange if they have many users. For their own social media accounts, it seems they have just succeeded, this can be seen from the number of followers they have. But I am sure this number will continue to grow every day. Seeing all the evidence I gathered, I did not hesitate to give a perfect score (10) for this category. and maybe this new project, is the only one I have given the highest value for this category now. Library (FFM Token) ICO

Symbol Library: FFM 
Platform: Ethereum 
Supply: 10,000,000,000 FFM 
Price: 1 FFM = 0.01 USD 
Softcap: $ 3,000,000 USD 
Hardcap: $ 20,000,000 USD 
ICO Date: November 26 2018 – February 25 2019


More Information About ICO (FFM Tokens)

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