WHAT IS THE FILES. FM LIBRARY? Library  is a blockchain-based hybrid data library created and managed by the community and supported by direct micropayment, token incentives, shared traffic and storage. The library seeks to provide space and markets for its users where they can upload their files for future preservation.

The library  will be created by combining technology and best practices from a centralized and decentralized world. Both types of networks have advantages and disadvantages, so will combine both to limit their weaknesses and highlight their facilities.

Bittorrent and other decentralized P2P networks are known to be not very reliable, because any file can become inaccessible at any time and the user interface is usually lacking. While the classic centralized client-server architecture has scalability problems – because the number of users increases, the speed drops but service costs increase.

In the platform, P2P is used and interconnected in two main components:

  1. Decentralized file sharing between users, based on a customized P2P Torrent framework and functionality;
  2. An independent and direct payment system between partners (seller-buyers) based on blockchain FFM.

P2P file sharing technology is used to ensure system growth, speed, and cost savings – to implement massive file sharing for a large number of fast-growing users to reach this target:

  1. fast download speed;
  2. unlimited traffic;
  3. able to support thousands of users and simultaneous traffic spikes;
  4. reduce service maintenance costs;
  5. independent file exchange.

The reason why blockchain payments are applied:

  1. The level of transparency and independence provided by the blockchain;
  2. All transactions, sales, and licenses are registered with the public ledger and change without change;
  3. We want to use tokens as digital currencies that can be exchanged independently;
  4. FFM tokens will allow users, actors, customers and makers to become part of the economy and platform value;
  5. Crypto token transactions will be cheaper than credit cards and will allow direct and fast payments internally, to avoid the “standard 3% + 0.30” commission, which in turn allows users to implement and implement micro payments;
  6. Simple Value Flow: One application token in the product will be the sale of files, without involving the current payment gateway that is heavy / slow.



Benefits of

  • Platform allows developers to build rich and rich cross platform applications.
  • This platform allows zero usage costs for existing infrastructure.
  • This network provides peer-to-peer networks and server to server.
  • The core application built in a friend’s workspace allows users to design and use their cloud infrastructure.
  • Components have been tested by the user.

P2P and decentralized applications

The main problem with classic client-server architecture: when the number of users increases, the speed drops but the service costs increase.
P2P technology is needed to ensure system growth, speed and cost effectiveness – to implement massive file sharing for a large number of users and grow fast while achieving this target:
  • fast download speed
  • unlimited traffic
  • able to support thousands of users and simultaneous traffic surges
  • reduce service maintenance costs
  • independent file exchange

Advantages of

In my opinion, from the solutions offered, it is clear what benefits community members and writers get.
The advantage of community members is that they receive wages to do useful work for storing digital inheritance for internet users now and in the future, while writers will receive prizes for their work or work. This prize is usually in the form of tokens paid by the company.
In addition, is also committed so that internet users can access useful and free content that is useful in an easy and legal way.

Conclusion of Project Files. Fm

The FFL will focus seriously on legal issues in file sharing. will apply technology to control illegal content and work with content creators. The FFL will use a variety of technologies and techniques to control content, for example, artificial intelligence and community involvement .FFL will follow and comply with laws about publishing content about content creators and content owners. This project will set the FFL as an official library in the EU, US and other regions of the world and will follow relevant laws.

More about the project

Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000
Public & Private Sales: 2,000,000,000
Limited Supply: Yes
Soft Cap: $ 3.000.000
Min Cap – first round: $ 10,000,000
Hard Cap: $ 20.000.000
Symbol: FFL
Type: ERC777 / ERC20
Starting price per Token: $ 0.01

ICO (FFM Token) Library

Symbol Library: FFM
Platform: Ethereum
Supply: 10,000,000,000 FFM
Price: 1 FFM = 0.01 USD
Softcap: $ 3,000,000 USD
Hardcap: $ 20,000,000 USD
ICO Date: November 26 2018 – February 25 2019


For more detailed information, you can visit the official website and social media below:
btc name Sriningsih22
btc link profile;u=2303929
Ethereum address: 0x9d1b82996eF9668F175E0a6691B6BB9E508a8a8C

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