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File.FM Library is a decentralized task that intends to join the blockchain innovation and the general population to frame a semi decentralized information stage on an open and equivalent reason for all to utilize. Library will join the current advanced library creation standards with new half and half semi-decentralized innovation, utilizing P2P mist system of internet browsers so as to lessen the expenses and constraints of unified computerized libraries. The Library will concentrate vigorously on making and keeping up a network of volunteers, who might transfer, tag and manage valuable documents and who consequently would be remunerated with FFM tokens.

With arrangement of issues going from lawfulness of things, books, documents, e.t.c File.FM Library will genuinely concentrate on the legitimate issues that are associated with record sharing. File.FM Library will execute advancements for illicit substance control also; File.FM Library will participate with substance makers as well. File.FM Library will likewise utilize different advancements and strategies for substance control, e.g computerized reasoning and network association. File.FM Library will pursue and consent to the substance distributing law with respect to content makers and proprietors.

The arrangement

They will fabricate and bolster Library (FFL) to guarantee information maintenance for future ages to destroy unlawful record dispersion and give free document sharing. The qualities of FFL will be convenience, network and substance. We will actualize an amazing internet searcher and list the framework to work in any program. . The people group will be roused with FFL tokens to make us work, they will execute a straightforward blockchain database and we will utilize the Tit-for-Tat standards for dissemination. Substance will be allowed to utilize, will be accessible through P2P traffic and substance, and savvy property substance will be sold with blockchain innovation.

Notwithstanding essential usefulness, the FFL stage will have extraordinary highlights and administrations. Clients won’t have to store records without anyone else servers however will most likely access P2P FFL and system stockpiling to spare assets and enhance site execution. They will persuade clients and accomplices to transfer significant substance by remunerating FFL tokens.

The benefits of will apply the Freemium plan of action, in which fundamental administrations will be without given of charge, propelled highlights and propelled administrations will be given at extra expenses. The plan of action of the stage, in light of promoting income, clients on the stage can profit from their copyrighted records.

FFM token is an inner cash in the stage, clients can utilize the FFM to trade and exchange information on the framework. FFM token can be utilized to buy extra limit, register propelled highlights, and can be exchanged on trade. is an open stage for community and altered undertakings, needs to collaborate with data innovation organizations and look for nearby wholesalers and specialists.

Guideline of activity

Inside the FFL site, clients can play out the accompanying activities:

document look;




moving documents;

managing protests on copyright;

venture of assets the PC in a P2P arrange.

Pursuit and utilization of documents will be accessible through any program. Every client can look for records by catchphrases or different parameters. Additionally, they will most likely select records from a specific classification. On the off chance that the discovered substance is free, the stage part will almost certainly use it in a split second. For this situation, paid substance will be accessible for review and downloading simply after installment.

All documents transferred to the system for use by different members in the P2P position are pre-prepared for infections, legitimateness and copyright consistence. This test is done by computerized reasoning. If there should arise an occurrence of copyright encroachment or situation of a document with an infection, the client gets a fine. On the off chance that such infringement are more than once dedicated, the client is blocked. It is imperative to take note of that previously or in the wake of downloading a record, its proprietor can add meta data to it and set the measure of installment for review or downloading it.

In the wake of downloading, each record essentially experiences the arranging procedure, which is gone to by clients and AI. When you enter metadata, the proprietor of the document sets the class. On the off chance that the classification is not the same as the genuine one, it will be charged a punishment, if the metadata is entered effectively, the proprietor of the document will be accused of the FFM stage tokens.

The Library Token

All out Token Supply: 10 000

Constrained Supply: Yes

Cost per Token: $ 0.01

Image: FFM

Type: ERC-20 First Year Crowdsale:

Private deal: $ 1 000

Presale: $ 1 000

Open deal: $ 10 000


Creating a document sharing administration that guarantees copyright consistence, permitting the free dissemination and clearance of records in the P2P organization might bear some significance with a colossal group of onlookers. Documents Library will give rapid, security and wellbeing of records, which is imperative for generally clients. The development of the gathering of people, thus, will prompt an expansion in the expense of the stage tokens.

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