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About project:

File.FM Library is a decentralized project that aims to unite the blockchain technology and the people to form a semi decentralized data platform on an open and equal basis for all to use. Library will combine the existing digital library creation principles with new hybrid semi-decentralized technology, using P2P fog network of web browsers in order to reduce the costs and limitations of centralized digital libraries. The Library will focus heavily on creating and maintaining a community of volunteers, who would upload, tag and oversee useful files and who in return would be rewarded with FFM tokens.

With series of problems ranging from legality of items, books, files, e.t.c File.FM Library will seriously focus on the legal issues that are involved in file sharing. File.FM Library will implement technologies for illegal content control as well; File.FM Library will cooperate with content creators too. File.FM Library will also use various technologies and techniques for content control, e.g artificial intelligence and community involvement. File.FM Library will follow and comply with the content publishing law regarding content creators and owners.

The Problem

No legal file library with specialized file search that offers both paid and free content

No unified platform for content creators or aggregators to create personal public file catalogs

No single file marketplace with effective payments, ensuring transparent remuneration system for authors and correct metadata

The downside

No legal file library with specialised file search that gives each paid and free content

No unified platform for content creators or aggregators to form personal public file catalogs

No line marketplace with effective payments, making certain clear remuneration system for authors and proper information

As a result…

there is no universal, massive and free storage platform

to organize, store, and preserve helpful knowledge with specialised file search and viable validation choices

The solution

They will build and support Library (FFL) to ensure data retention for future generations to eradicate illegal file distribution and provide free file sharing. The strengths of FFL will be usability, community and content. We will implement a powerful search engine and catalog the system to work in any browser. . The community will be motivated with FFL tokens to make us work, they will implement a transparent blockchain database and we will use the Tit-for-Tat principles for distribution. Content will be free to use, will be available through P2P traffic and content, and smart property content will be sold with blockchain technology.

In addition to basic functionality, the FFL platform will have special features and services. Users will not need to store files on their own servers but will be able to access P2P FFL and network storage to save resources and improve site performance. They will motivate users and partners to upload valuable content by rewarding FFL tokens.

The advantages of will apply the Freemium business model, in which basic services will be provided free of charge, advanced features and advanced services will be provided at additional costs. The business model of the platform, based on advertising revenue, users on the platform can make money from their copyrighted files.

FFM token is an internal currency in the platform, users can use the FFM to exchange and trade data on the system. FFM token can be used to purchase additional capacity, register advanced features, and can be traded on exchange. is an open platform for collaborative and customized projects, wants to partner with information technology companies and search for local distributors and agents.

 Principle of operation

Within the FFL site, users can perform the following actions:

  • file search;
  • adding;
  • sort;
  • use;
  • selling files;
  • dealing with complaints on copyright;
  • investment of resources the PC in a P2P network.

Search and use of files will be available through any browser. Each user can search for files by keywords or other parameters. Moreover, they will be able to select files from a certain category. If the found content is free, the platform member will be able to use it instantly. In this case, paid content will be available for viewing and downloading only after payment.

All files uploaded to the network for use by other participants in the P2P format are pre-processed for viruses, legality and copyright compliance. This test is carried out by artificial intelligence. In case of copyright infringement or placement of a file with a virus, the user receives a fine. If such violations are repeatedly committed, the user is blocked. It is important to note that before or after downloading a file, its owner can add meta information to it and set the amount of payment for viewing or downloading it.

After downloading, each file necessarily goes through the sorting process, which is attended by users and AI. When you enter metadata, the owner of the file sets the category. If the category is different from the actual one, it will be charged a penalty, if the metadata is entered correctly, the owner of the file will be charged with the FFM platform tokens.

The Library Token

Total Token Supply: 10 000 000 000

Limited Supply: Yes

Price per Token: $ 0.01

Symbol: FFM

Type: ERC-20 First Year Crowdsale:

Private sale: $ 1 000 000

Presale: $ 1 000 000

Public sale: $ 10 000 000


The idea of creating a file sharing service that ensures copyright compliance, allowing the free distribution and sale of files in the P2P format may be of interest to a huge audience. Files Library will provide high speed, security and safety of files, which is very important for most users. The growth of the audience, in turn, will lead to an increase in the cost of the platform tokens.


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