FINANCEX: CRYPTO to Fiat Exchange

FINANCEX is a blockchain project with the core aim of rendering crypto enthusiast and investors a conducive environment for crypto trading, it is been created or formulated with the capacity of carrying out the crypto exchange in all level with a great and perfect way of security, and which will help the individual crypto users to have rest of mind in their crypto trade. FINANCEX remain a perfect a secure exchange trading platform base on its foundation, maximum security of investors fund is a major priority of FINANCEX project.

The major problems facing the different crypto exchange in securing cryptocurrency come from the point of their wallet procedures, and FINANCEX has taken this as their priority in working over the information and any movement occurring in their wallet through these processes.

Limitations of using fiat in coin trading.
Lack of security
Very few trading pairs and fewer options for traders
Low system availability
High transaction cost
Low reliability and security
The FinanceX exchange platform allows users to trade using local currencies from various countries. This makes trading faster and easier because users can buy or sell cryptocurrency directly, not by slower and more difficult methods to use intermediaries, such as BTC or ETH. This means that users can trade finance differently from other exchanges.

FINANCEX has made the KYC verification very important and mandatory.

FINANCEX will also be working to secure cryptocurrency by using two-factor authentication.

Easy exchange will be the main advantage of this project / platform. You don’t need to be afraid or confused by the difficult method of collecting cryptocurrency. You can do it directly with your own currency. In addition, you can also use the cryptocurrency that you use as an investment. With high liquidity, you can generate high profits in the future by using your cryptocurrency. You can also use the famous payment system for the Financex platform. For example, if you like shopping online, you will be familiar with credit cards or PayPal. This project allows you to use Cryptocurrency. Because of that, it’s much more comfortable.

FINANCEX initial coin offering is ongoing, FinanceX will release FNX Tokens. We will release 900 million tokens following details in the ICO Schedule Section. FNX will be the official trading currency Exchange Crypto FinanceX and increase the platform’s higher liquidity.

Token Info Name : FinanceX

Token : FNX

PreICO Price : 1 FNX = 0.014 USD

Price : 1 FNX = 0.047 USD

Soft cap : 3,000,000 USD

Hard cap : 15,000,000 USD

Tokens for sale : 320,000,000

Even though there numerous crypto exchange, FINANCEX will be the best because it will be making use of cold wallet to store coins for the proper security, and this will go a long way in securing the individual asset. FINANCEX will provide a seamless platform for buying and selling of tokens for crypto traders and enthusiast.







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