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Hello to all crypto enthusiasts, today I want to tell you about a wonderful and promising Financex project!

About Financex

FinanceX is a cryptocurrency exchanges that is made with simple, safe and comfortable on FinanceX platform you can trade fiat to coin from various country like Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and many more, unlike other crypto markets that only provide coin to coin, Finanex is available for all crypto traders [fiat exchange for altcoin]

A platform which is made simple, but safe and comfortable FinanceX exchange will make trades easier for fiat transactions to crypto from various countries FinanceX makes this process easier by allowing users to choose from a variety of payment methods. This includes local or international bank transfers, VISA or MasterCard, and E-wallet options (PayPal, Screw, etc.). Transferring from fiat to the wallet takes about 30 seconds, withdrawal into fiat takes less than 60 minutes from the transaction time. FinanceX made to make trading more comfortable.
FinanceX now at the beginning of the year a crypto company with certain characteristics, with the many and high current trading crypto-markets that dominate the market. partnership FinanceX Become one of the big companies that will be very successful in the future. Trading in the world of cryptocurrency never escaped the rise and fall of the currency-dollar fluctuations and the exchange of coins, this is a natural thing that is felt by crypto-trading companies. Moreover, the company has no creative idea that the system can keep out of investments, of course this is a disaster that can be fatal with the destruction of the company. Decentralized investment funds on the blockchain platform for investors around the world are an effective philosophy offered by this platform. With the vision and mission of the concept of mutual benefit between the project owner and the token owner. With so many markets in the world of cryptocurrency this year that competitors of many companies who act or trade should have more unique functions and creativity, this could be one of the success points that the crypto-trading community can achieve.

Our mission is to launch a new, convenient and secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies directly using fiat called “FinanceX”. FinanceX is developed to become the world-class cryptocurrency exchange with one of the highest liquidity, providing absolute security and the lowest fees.

So why do you have to trade with FinanceX?

We provide customers with fiat-to-coin trading partners that allow cash out quickly and easily and allow traders to pass BTC if they wish. (To find benefits, the fiat option is brought to cryptotrading, click here.)
Low trading costs. It is not uncommon to see trading fees set at 1-2%, but we only charge 0.3% and there are no hidden fees.
We offer transparency. Just as our costs are transparent, we want our team and our vision to be fully transparent. We plan to do this with our growing social media presence.
Real-time automated trading that can process up to 100,000 thousand transactions per second. Most exchanges use OTC models that are less transparent, more risky, and much slower.
High liquidity. Once formed, our platform will offer high liquidity when we set up an interexchange network between Southeast Asian countries. Our FNX tokens will help in high liquidity.
Fast processing time. Bank-to-wallet transfers will take less than 3 minutes and wallet-to-bank is less than 1 hour. Much faster than competitors.

Limiting the use of fiat in coin trading

As stated earlier; One of the distinguishing features of FinanceX is its ability to trade kryptons directly in the currency of your country in the shortest possible time, instead of the popular altcoin trading method – to buy BTC or ETH as intermediate links of the local currency (fiat), which creates difficult and labor-intensive difficulties for traders. Here, traders can use their own local currency to buy / sell other currencies through many types of payments. Bank transfer, E-wallet (PayPal, Screw, etc.). Fiat transfer to the wallet takes about 30 seconds; Withdrawals to Philadelphia take less than 60 minutes after the transaction.

Privacy and security

The development of technology and the digital world has evolved with the advent of cryptographic currencies, and at the same time there is a lot of theft through an impuissant system in the absence of strong security in the fertilization of crypto assets. The FinanceX platform uses the following strategies to solve security problems that pump traditional exchange platforms;

• Notifications when logging in to your account at the initial IP address or violation

• Complete log that tracks any changes in access and auditing of relevant data.

• Verified KYC accounts

• 2-factorial authentication

• Secure network with SSL, DDOS auspice

• Coins are kept in a cold wallet.

Other advantages of the FinanceX platform include: Stability, Transparent remuneration structure, Easy portfolio management, low pay, high liquidity, high-speed real-time trading, connecting to crypto-exchange in different countries, etc.

Thus, the FinanceX exchange platform is designed to launch a new, convenient and secure cryptocurrency trading platform directly using fiat called FinanceX. FinanceX was created to become a global cryptocurrency exchange with one of the highest liquidity ratios, providing absolute security and low fees.

Financex Token (FNX)/ICO Details

After a successful launching of the crypto exchange FinanceX, FNX token will be issued to strengthen the ecosystem on the way to become one of the most reliable and secure platforms in the world. FNX Token is developed on Ethereum blockchain technology base – ERC 20.

Number of tokens released: 900,000,000

Soft caps: $3,000,000

Hard caps: $15,000,000

ICO Roadmap

Pre-sale ongoing

21 Nov – 04 Dec : Public ICO Round 1 Amount (tokens) = 120,000,000 Price (USDT) = 0.028

05 Dec – 19 Dec : Public ICO Round 2 Amount (tokens) = 110,000,000 Price (USDT) = 0.036

20 Dec – 31 Dec : Public ICO Round 3 Amount (tokens) = 90,000,000 Price (USDT) = 0.047

there is no time to brood if you want to change immediately visit the FinanceX website and you can join our social media to ask anything about the FinanceX exchange or FNX tokens please visit the link below.

Project team

FinanceX is founded and developed by our experts from all over the world such as Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia with more than 20 years of experiences in the financial industry, information technology, and stocks exchange. Also, the team understands the vision of the project becoming the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Southeast Asia, and among the Top 10 in Asia-Pacific region in 3 years. Some of themincleds;

S. Ohta Co-founder & Chairman

Chien Tran Co-founder & Vice Chairman

Peter Dinh Co-Founder & CEO

Henry Ng Co-Founder & CTO

For more information about the project, please follow any of the channels:

Username: Levani91
Profile Link:;area=statistics;u=37738
Eth: 0x3D17c00506572Bd93869D7818cE71Ae1822c139E


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