• As you know, the electronic money market has experienced a lot in 2017 with the ICO the project very successful and in 2018 there are many projects ICO but nothing outstanding. According to my experience ICO evaluation projects, I have found an ICO project stand out among hundreds of projects in the market. That project is a platform FINANCEX exchange.
  • This project differs from the other exchange project look like?
  • Financex give everyone an exchange of digital safe, transparent so people can participate, when everyone storage assets based digital Financex have hedging offered by financial companies main, Financex created a digital currency on the platform Ethereum that this coin can be stored on Myetherwallet. currency called FINANCEX( FNX).
  • The introduction of electronic money has come to reduce the pain caused by the influence of the main problems of fiat money as a lack of transparency and lack of security.
  • They just believe that electronic money market is made up of traders and investors and they are not just about price and volume to make different decisions. Many exchanges are unable to provide the current user requirements by deficit and surplus of some certain currencies. As a result, sales volume decreased, and consumers are still not satisfied and often lose interest in a particular service. Another problem is the payment for the transfer of money on the floor.
  • The problem with the electronic exchange current.
  • Complex interface: some of this exchange is not designed for beginners because they have a complex interface that poses as a great barrier to easily understand how it works.
  • No fiat: some do not have the option to purchase fiat encryption or only USD to trade without the other fiat currencies: VND, LAK, THB, MYR, IDR, MMK, … to exchange and deal. For one to get his favorite altcoin, one needs to send BTC or ETH exchange from one another to make the trade. This process leads to cost or high transaction costs.
  • High transaction costs: most of the trading floor are higher commissions charged on transactions. Some as high as 0.2% cost of trades which is a lot if you know how many trades are happening at the same time.
  • Listing fees high: The trading floor as big as Binance and Bitfinex not listed coins or pennies low with book ordering farmers so they just list the currency has the potential to attract traders and large high-profile buyers.
  • The salient features of the Financex
  • Simple to trade: Modern, intuitive user interface and a simple order process so you can trade from day one
  • Security and Privacy: Secure information and keep money in your wallet during the transaction
  • Low Cost: The platform ensures that players will receive competitive treatments and costs compared to those in each country
  • High Liquidity: The platform ensures high liquidity with a stable trading volume creating an attractive playground during the investment process of traders
  • Transparent Fees Structure: We offer simple fees structure with low rates. There is no hidden fee
  • Stability: The system is built on the most stable and advanced cloud infrastructure to ensure the highest availability
  • Financex allows investors to use local currencies such as VND, SGD, IDR, THB, LAK, MMK, MYR, PHP for their transactions, instead of using BTC, ETH or USDT only. change. If you use the Financex platform to exchange e-money, you will reduce the risk of exchange rate or any constraint. You can send money to Financex using a variety of payment methods: PayPal, Screw, Visa, MasterCard or any local or international bank.
  • ICO FinanceX Information
  • Project Name: FinanceX
  • Token code: FNX
  • Headquarters: Bugis Cube, Singapore
  • Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
  • Total token : 495 million FNX
  • Accept payment by: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
  • Exposure time selling ICO:
  • Privated Sale:Takes place from August 28 to September 19
  • Presale: September 25 to October 14
  • ICO Round 1:
  • Take place from 15/10–24/10
  • The number of tokens: 120,000,000
  • Price: $ 0.028
  • ICO Round 2:
  • Take place from 25/10–4/11
  • The number of tokens: 110,000,000
  • Price: $ 0.036
  • ICO Round 3:
  • Take Place from 5/11–15/11
  • The number of tokens: 90,000,000
  • Price: $ 0.047
  • Roadmap
  • Aug 2018: Launching in Vietnam
  • Nov 2018: Open new exchange in Indonesia
  • Feb 2019: Open exchanges in Thailand and The Philippines
  • 2019: Open exchanges in Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Singapore
  • 2020: Open exchanges in Asia Pacific countries
  • 2020–2021: Open Decentralized Exchange
  • 2021: Open exchanges in UK & CIS countries
  • Team
  • FinanceX have management teams that are experts tech and leading financial institutions from countries such as Japan, Singapore, America
  • The FinanceX project is an electronic money exchange project that addresses the difficulties experienced by investors. So, you should carefully study all the details of the project, and decide whether to buy their cards or not. To better understand the project and decide, I recommend you study the information on the links below.

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