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About Era Swap Token

In today’s modern world, when cryptocurrency is integrated into many areas of human activity, no one can doubt that this technology can change the world, because it happens right before our eyes. In addition to sophisticated technology, a new branch of the economy, which can attract many investors.

It’s no secret that blockchain technology can open unlimited opportunities for companies of all types. Eraswaptoken is a social community program where you can exchange time and make your life easier and more meaningful. Taking the token swap era (EST) has been one of the best decisions in my life because it has helped me by using smart contracts to validate my time. I got part of the EST token during the crowd sales period where the company entered 5% of tokens for sale. It was a good decision at that time because most people who want to get new tokens can get it or buy it from people like me who have bought tokens. The saying “Ancient birds got worms” applies in this case.

The uniqueness of our ecosystem offers users the ability to certify time as a service. EST allows peer to peer transactions and a special reward system that allows students to obtain a technology degree as small as $ 1.00. Our Bot Trading Services related to crypto trading and crypto investment plans can also provide better returns for investors. This market will connect resources and services without third party intervention.

The first and foremost goal behind the development of the Era Swap ecosystem is to provide benefits to the public. This token is designed to be a “time to work” token through smart contracts that can never be bought. A total of 5% of tokens will only be available during the period of selling lots. This is the last and best opportunity to secure your Swap Era Tokens.

Because our goal is very possible to be able to build a truly useful and very profitable investment model, which will enable us to be able to accept high returns with very minimal risks. We believe that the Era Swap Software will be the most popular investment platform. Join our team and achieve success with the Swap Era.

The strategy of demand and supply in the Era Swap Token has been very effective so far in terms of crypto trading and crypto investment. TimeAlly smart contracts come with many new subscriptions and unused power tokens that enhance the supply network. People who struggle can choose TimeAlly’s default loan to finance their supply services. All this increases the demand even more.

Features and collaborations such as ComputeEx, Wallet Era Swap, TimeAlly, Blockology, and Time Swapper Platforms help increase market demands more. This means that the system token on the Era Swap Token is quite effective in terms of trading your time for services while utilizing product demand and supply. This is what really won my approval of the Swap Era Token.

This is a task set by the Swap Era team to help investors receive stable and regular profits, without investigating the technical details of market estimates. This task was carried out by the Additional Independent Improvement Neural Network, which allows our investors to receive passive income and stop worrying about the price of Bitcoin.

Information about our tokens

Token EST
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

Price in ICO 0.0171 USD


Phase I – 33%
Phase II – 18%
Phase III – 8%

Tokens for sale 390,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 0.00005804 ETH
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 42.85%

Hard cap 2119798724 ETH


June 2018
Era Swap Token Creation

September 2018
Initial Token Offer (ITO)

October 2018
Blocklogy Education App V.1

November 2018
Buzcafe Empanelment

December 2018
Day Swappers Launch
End of ITO

January 2019
TimeAlly Benefit Plan

February 2019
Era Swap Wallet Development

March 2019
Era Swap Version – II
ComputeEx Launch

April 2019
Time Swappers
TimeAlly Power

July 2019
TimeAlly Loan

September 2019
TimeAlly Insurance

November 2019
Era Swap Debit Card

December 2019
Decentralized Time Swappers Version – II

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