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Hello, my dear friends. I have another great project for you today. However, it is significantly different from those that I usually consider. Because this is a new generation of projects called STO.

To understand the main ideas of the project, let’s see the most important difference between STO and ICO. STO projects are based on cryptocurrency regulators, promotions, and more detailed verification of the company during registration. That recently caused a boom and growth of such projects. The main reason is that the ICO market in 2019 has too many problems. These problems force investors to look for new ways to invest and choose more reliable proven projects.

The project that we are considering today is called Eqwity and it is currently conducting its own STO company and creating a platform for promotion and placement of STO projects. This is an interesting decision in anticipation of the rapid growth of STO projects. To understand why such projects are in demand, let’s look at the main problems.

ICO Market Problems

Well, friends. What is the main problem in the market in 2019? Of course, this is a scam. Now fraud is almost 90%, which means that investors are losing money. The whole market suffers because fraudsters withdraw their funds from BTC and ETH. Which leads to a huge fall in prices. As a result, weaker projects also close due to lack of funding. Thus, investors have become a serious choice to stop investing or find a mechanism for investment. A stricter STO investment mechanism was chosen. And now he is successfully developing. More and more projects began to undergo an audit and enter the market as STO projects.


The EQWITY project team saw interest at STO and decided to create a unique platform for promoting STO projects, raising funds, and exchanging exclusive tokens. Also, the project aims to protect investors. The project will closely monitor the work of projects STO. Promote projects. It will help simplify the registration scheme STO.

The ecosystem of the EQWITY projectnpobunmh3a.png


Well, this is the main part of the platform which is responsible for all the most important elements of the project. Issuing tokens, project auditing (PoV), trading, marketing service and many other functions for projects within the platform.



Well, new projects require newly suitable exchangers. And the project also takes care of this. Moreover, it opens up new opportunities for future partners. Just as with STO + PLATFORM, the EQWITY team painted in detail the work of BLOCKCHAIN ​STOCK EXCHANGE. Well, as always, the exchanger brings additional profit. With such global ideas, this is a necessary decision.

What does BLOCKCHAIN ​STOCK EXCHANGE look likeaoibnd1wt1.png


Judging by the presentation, the platform will have a mobile version that simplifies the work. I think you will be shown useful information about projects right on the phone. Convenient and interesting solution.




Token EQYS
Platform Ethereum
Type STO
Price in ICO 1.0000 USD
Min. investment 100,000 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
Distributed in ICO 50%
Soft cap 6,000,000 USD
Hard cap 16,000,000 USD
Raised $1,300,000



I like the project. I know that new financial platforms make a profit. If there are too few mechanisms for STO, then such a platform can become a leader. And bring big profits to all investors. And since the project itself is STO, the risks for investment seem to be quite minimal. Well, the main idea of ​​the project. A new ecosystem for STO and the worldwide fight against fraudsters.



PROFILE :;u=1776349;sa=summary

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