First Token Platform Star in Blockchain.

hello my best friend will introduce a new world platform cryptocurrency ie Token Star is the first known personality management platform found in block chains, providing advanced tools and benefits for better interaction between stars, fans, and advertisers.

About Tokenstarts
The fundamental goal of TokenStars is that the interaction between stars, fans and advertisers reaches a new level and solves fame issues in the industry management sector.

Stars: talents and professions. At a time when the development of professional life relies heavily on the ability to attract social capital and funding sources, the personality needs to find more possibilities for the development of their professional careers.
Enthusiasts The balance between celebrities, fans and media representatives has changed dramatically. Fans are no longer just watching. In real time they participate, analyze, criticize, fantasize and connect with their favorite stars. Enthusiasts will need innovations that provide opportunities for interaction and two-way communication with celebrities.

Advertiser. Companies are looking for new promotional mechanisms with a large audience commitment and demanding transparent and customizable communication tools to carry out advertising campaigns.

TokenStars will address four key issues of market competitors:

** 1 Talent: ** Tokenstars provide financial support for young talent at critical junior age, so they do not leave professional sports and entertainment companies. In addition, they will enable them to attract customers and accumulate social capital since the start of collaboration, starting careers with disabilities compared to peers.

2. Pros. Tokenstars offers representation and marketing promotions to pro athletes and established media personalities who are already attractive to their sponsors but the traditional institutions are ignored.

  • Platform TokenStars will record in blockchain a book of interaction event between participants, such as voting result, browser application, auction bidding or ad click.
  • Our platform will be based on two interconnected blockchains – Ethereum for related operations and blockchain privately for the internal operating platform: selected as tens of thousands of people (with millions of future participants) will interact on the TS platform, so that all operations this results in millions of recording operations. Using the Ethereal blockchain to record a large number of events would be impractical due to the slow transaction speed and high transaction costs.
  • The application of a standard Etheneum ERC-20 compatible token avoids common difficulties with fiduciary currency, such as low payment rules and cross-border payments.
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The TokenStars platform has been designed as a toolkit, which can incorporate modules to achieve required functionality and encourage interaction between great celebrities, fans (as well as regular token holders), advertisers, professional talent scouts and promoters
Collective funding layers
It consists of 3 modules that enable a very promising talent, combined in groups, and world-renowned figures to raise funds.
Talent Support Module *
The talent support module is part of the collective funding system. It will be based on a smart Ethereum contract that will practice managing the funds collected at the time of symbolic selling. Because talent support practice implies that payment in paper currency requires an API for external crypto currency exchange. Transactions to the stock exchange can be verified by means of research such as eterscan. io The access rights to this module function will be limited to official TokenStars employees.
Stars: allows future talent to raise funds for professional development
For fans: it allows you to access the TIM ecosystem and to share the success of future stars.
Fans support future celebrities by buying TEAMs on symbolic sales. TokenStars found a promising talent (using the search and voting module) and signed a contract with them. Booming stars receive money to train, improve their skills and participate in competitions for young people. When they become successful professionals, they begin to pay platform commissions from sponsors and salaries or prize money. Commissions are only accepted on TEAM cards, which are bought on the market from connoisseurs (regular chip holders).
Talent Support Module is the basic way to enter the TEAM ecosystem and restore tokens for various services and interventions not only with emerging talent, but also with established professionals, to whom TokenStars provides marketing support.
Case study: admirers of 14-year-old ‘Maria Sharapova’ support, she will win Wimbledon at the age of 17. This platform benefits from a 20% commission of cash prizes and advertising contracts, which are paid on chip.
Module 2 STAR ICO “Time Tokenization
This module is only used by STAR symbols, designed for personal ICO famous people (STAR ​​symbol will be announced later and will be sold in retail event separately).
The TokenStars platform is built with 12 integrated modules that allow us to implement all project activities. The modules are divided into four different layers:
advertisers, professional talent scouts and promoters
Crowdfunding Layer:
  • Layers of infrastructure
  • Layer fan community;
  • Brand and ad layer.
The TokenStars platform is designed as a set of tools, which allows combining different modules to achieve the required capabilities and encouraging interaction between celebrities, fans (and regular chip holders), advertisers, professional talent scouts and promoters
** Scout Module **
Find players
. Fans are rewarded for their work as scouts. Explorers are looking for young and very promising talents around the world, submitting applications, helping assess talents, helping to negotiate terms of agreement. The rewards are paid in tokens.
Voting System
The platform will hold consultations between token holders to decide on important decisions (approval of new players, renewal of the Scout Leaders Movement contract).
The stars will have a voice that everyone can trust. For example: “Tamagotchi live” can be implemented when fans choose their actions.
Bets module
This platform can organize ‘fantasy championships’ so Scouts are best appointed among token holders. Rewards are paid in tokens.
Those with tokens can make bets for famous signers and win prizes in tokens.
Bounty Fan Clubs Module
The “rewards” of existing fans motivate fans to help financial stars. Protagonist figures receive instruments for assigning tasks (motivating new albums, translating conversations, etc.) and compensating fans more actively in terms of chips, avoiding important salary costs.
Advisory communication module
A simple tool that allows celebrities to make text and video chats with fans. Monetization is aggregated (paid inquiry period, participation in VIP chat with layers of payment or advertising for all free participants).
Module and Charity Contest
The platform itself or individual stars can compete among their fans with their prizes (in merchandise or tokens). Relying on the contest mechanism is very important.
Smart Advertising Contracts Contract contractors for brands allow:
Using the CPA model (possibly paying for the desired stock, verified by the system) All parties trust each other (payment will happen if the ad actually presents the stock). , not bots) simplifies conversations and reduces transaction costs.

Brand Relations Module
Fans will be compensated for the work of the promoter. The promoters are looking for potential advertisers for young talent around the world, sending requests, helping to negotiate the terms of the offer. Gratuities are paid in tokens.

Electronic commerce module
Platform or personality can install online stores with personalized products. It’s possible that some purchases are made in tokens.
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  Token TEAM (a token of utility compatible with the Ethereum ERC-20 standard) facilitates commitment among participants on the platform and serves as a form of access to the platform and internal currency. There are 3 ways, how participants can get TEAM tokens:
  Join the crowd
  Purchase the token later on the crypto exchange.
  Get tokens inside the platform to perform actions and perform tasks.
 The token sales schedule is 20 Decemner 2017 – 28 February 2018
Token purchases Ethereal, Bitcoin, ACE
Price Token 1 TEAM = 0.0001 BTC
Bonus 10% – 40%
Total token supply 75,000,000 TEAM
Advisors and Investors
 Edgar Kampers – Blockchain advisor
Wulf Kaal – Blockchain advisor
Nicolay Danilov – Blockchain advisor
Tomoaki Sato – Blockchain advisor
Ksenia Chabanenko – Marketing and PR Consultant
Alexander Stratilatov – The Association of Brand Advisors
Eugeny Kuznetsov – User Acquisition and Retention Expert
Elena Masolova – Investor
Victor Shpakovsky – Investors
Emergency Fund – Investor
Andrej Rusakov – Investor & Business Advisor
Veronika Kudermetova
Ekaterina Makarova – Olympic champion
Matheus Antunes – Football Advisor
Sergey Demekhine – Coaching & Scout Advisor
Dmitry Sergeev – sports Advisor
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