FIT is the world’s first fitness and fitness platform with decentralized and revolutionary icons and apps for fitness and fitness enthusiasts.

The sports industry is a very diverse industry, including segments such as professional sports, athletics, health and fitness, recreational sports and facilities management. Currently, the sector is experiencing rapid growth and development, and currently sport managers in various segments face ethical issues, which are often unique to each segment. FIT explores professional sports, multi-sector sports, sports for health and fitness, sports and sports facilities management and solves many of the ethical challenges faced by managers in each of these segments.

FIT provides distributed data-based data warehouses based on Blockchain to ensure optimum security, mobility and personal benefits. Blockchain is a highly transparent system where customers can use FIT token to pay for registration. FIT will be a decentralized and revolutionary app and fitness center. FIT will build next generation Fitness & Sport Center based on blockchain technology. We strongly believe that blockchain technology has tremendous potential to accelerate the development of the sports and sports industries. Therefore, I use a fake token mechanism for pre-sales and financial products that conflict with traditional business capital.

Why invest in FIT tokens?

Decentralized system

The FIT Token will be a completely decentralized platform and will use existing blocking apps. All user data will be stored in a block chain, since the compliance result of the FIT token should not be intimidated by the privacy of their digital assets.

There is no commission for the transaction

Transactions involving a third party, such as a Bank or a stock exchange, can be more expensive and more involved. The FIT Token, on the other hand, is based on a blocked distributed technology that contains the client user Token FIT server, which starts and connects to other nodes. In this way, allow users to contribute to the network and take steps to authorize transactions. Simply put, each transaction does not affect the value and where it happens is allowed after full participation of every user connected to the network. Therefore, transaction costs are divided into equal parts and the price is not a single user.

FIT Token

What is a FIT token? FIT — the first decentralized platform for fitness and sports, built on the network Ethereal. FIT Token is designed to break down the fitness and sports industry by developing intelligent and innovative concepts to suit the everyday people in Blockchain.

Fit Token is a decentralized opportunity for members of the blockchain community to buy membership and make reservations in the Fitness & Sport fitness center with the convenience of their mobile application or web platform.

How FIT donated the community of Blockchain and Crypto Currency.
FIT will face all the challenges facing fitness centers and combine them in one solution.

FIT will solve all tasks:

  • Conveniences with enough
  • Tools and user-friendly
  • Manage applications, i.e.
  • Continuous and
  • Appreciate both the Blockchain community, and the gym and gym

The main ICO FIT token

At this stage, we plan to launch a large ICO to collect funds and exchange FIT tokens directly from your deposit. The total Token inventory will be limited to 400,000 FIT, which is 400 million FIT.

Distribution of tokens

  • 200 000 FIT or 50% of the total amount will be sold to the participants of foldsal. This includes tokens, which are available during pre-sales and major sales.
  • 75 000 000 FIT or 20% of the total amount will be issued for the development of the Platform and provide incentives to key stakeholders, promote the Platform and reward initial adapters. Subject to blocking.
  • 75 000 000 FIT or 20% of the total number will be used by Marketing, Advisors and Owners.
  • 50 000 000 FIT or 10% on remuneration for platform users.

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