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The sports industry is a very diverse industry, including segments such as professional sports, athletics tercollegiate, health and fitness, recreational sports and facilities management. The industry is currently growing, is growing, the sport managers in various segments. FIT features professional sports, inter-sector athletic sports, health and fitness sports, leisure management segments and sports industry facilities and ethical issues that exist in each of these segments.

Why Invest in FIT Tokens?

Decentralized system
FIT Token will be a completely decentralized platform and will use existing blockchain applications All user data will be stored in blockchain as FIT token compliance results are not to be feared with the privacy of their digital assets.

No Transaction Fees

Third party related transactions such as a Bank or exchange can be more expensive and time taken. The Token FIT, on the other hand, is built on a distributed blockchain based technology that holds users of the FIT Tokens client server that runs and connects to other nodes. In this way, it allows users to contribute to the network and take action in transaction authorization. In simple words, each transaction does not care about the value and where it happens, is authorized after the complete participation of each user connected to the network. In this way the transaction costs are equally divided, and individually the price is virtually no user.

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Fittoken is quite actively developed, we in 2018 had opened the first Fit Center, then a set of applications that will become FIT Zone.
Imagine in early 2019 around the world will open and developed 30-35 Fit center and 20-25 FIT Zones.

And of course thanks to the decentralized Blockchain platform, visitors and investors and only people who come to walk to a new sports center will always be safe and comfortable.

You do not have to buy an annual subscription immediately and torture yourself with an exhausting workout every day – you can not refund money! No, everything is different here. You can go in a month or a day, maybe season!

I also love sports fans, I would like to thank the creators. The Fittoken project is a team of 33 sports and fitness professionals at the international level! And countries that want to join become more and more, and therefore can succeed!

For more information on the FITTOKEN project you can visit the links below:

ANN Thread:
My BitcoinTalk:;u=232631


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