The FIT token system becomes a distributed platform and uses existing block-chain applications. Because the owner of the FIT token does not have to worry about the confidentiality of digital assets, all user data is stored in a block chain.
No Transaction Fees
Transactions involving third parties, such as banks and exchange, can be costly and time consuming. Fit Token, on the other hand, is based on a distributed blocked chain technology that lets users run FIT Tokens client servers and keep connected to other nodes. Thus, users can participate in the network and participate in transaction approval.

The sports industry is a highly diverse industry, including sports sports, sports and sportswear, sports and fitness, recreational sports, facilities management, etc. Today, the industry is experiencing rapid growth and development, and the sports managers in each Segment, currently expanding, face specific ethical issues for each segment. Fittoken will be the main hub of any gym and sports club worldwide. And you can manage all this with one access point. This young, comfortable and fashionable app – drives us into sports and activities .
FIT – the first decentralized platform for fitness and sport, is built on the Ethereal network. The COCOK Token is designed to destroy the fitness and sports industry by developing an intelligent and innovative concept that is appropriate for everyday people in Blockchain.

Why invest in FITTOKEN?
*Decentralized system.
FIT Token will become a fully decentralized platform and will use existing blocked applications. All user data will be stored in a block chain, as a result of which the owners of FIT tokens should not worry about the confidentiality of their digital assets.
Security has never been such a sensitive issue. To prevent hacking and data leakage, there are a number of steps that users of the FIT platform can take to minimize the likelihood of such a situation. The FIT application has an advantage in the overall availability of the block system, which is secure and provides us with the correct and stored data.
*No transaction fees.
Transactions involving third parties, such as the Bank or exchange, can be more expensive and busy. Fit Tokens, on the other hand, are based on distributed block-based technologies that require users to support FIT Tokens client servers and connect to other nodes. Thus, it allows users to contribute to the network and participate in transaction authorization. In simple terms, each transaction does not care about its cost and where it occurs is resolved after the full participation of each user connected to the network.

FIT Tokens will launch its own ICO (initial offer of currencies) on November 24, 2017. The ICO period will continue until January 24, 2018, after which the sale of the token will be blocked. Taking sales token will ensure that FIT tokens are not devalued due to inflation. Our ICO is a fundraising campaign based on the Smart Ethereum contract. To participate in ICO, you must have a cryptographic currency, which you will use to buy our tokens.
Here is a brief description of the ICO Parameters:
Parameters of ICO
Token’s total inventory will be limited by 400,000 FIT
Amount to raise

  • Minimum: 3500 ETH
  • Expected: 45 000 ETH
  • Maximum: 300 000 ETH
    Token FIT – Token for sale in Pre ICO Sale
    Our pre-ICO will begin on October 30, 2017 and will last approximately 4 weeks until November 30, 2017. In Pre ICO sales, we will sell approximately 10% of the total of 12, 500,000 Tokens at $ 0.10 per FIT.

Token Sales
Wallet for contributions: BTC, ET, DASH, ZCASH, WAVES
Pre-sale: 10% = 12 500 000 pre-sale tokens at $ 0.10
Starting public sales capitalization:
Phase 1: 25 000000 FIT Token @ $ 0.20 per token (0.00075 ETH)
Phase 2: 25 000000 FIT Token @ $ 0.25 per token (0.00095 ETH)
Phase 3: 25.000 000 FIT Token @ $ 0.30 per token (0.001 ETH)
Stage 4: 25,000 000 FIT Token @ $ 0.35 per token (00013 ETH)
Stage 5: 42 500 000 FIT Token @ $ 0.40 per token (0.0015 ETH)
Stage 6: 42 500 000 FIT Token @ $ 0.50 per token (0.0019 ETH)
Bounty: Prize will be launched to refer and sell FIT Token. 20% will be added to bounty participation. Minimum FIT token to be purchased at Pre-sale: 3000 FIT

FIT Token – Sale of tokens sold before ICO

Our initial ICO will begin on October 30, 2017 and will last approximately 4 weeks to 30 November 2017. In ICO’s initial sales, we will sell about 10% of the total 12,500,000 tokens at a price of US $ 0.10 per COCOK

Distribution of funds during ICO pre-sales
Funds allocated during initial certification will be used for marketing and development purposes. COCOK coins will spend a lot of money for marketing purposes and will implement long-term marketing plans, plan several digital marketing approaches, such as advertising banners, press releases, advertising campaigns and social networks.
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