FITTOKEN is the first decentralized Fitness and Sport platform, built on the Ethereum network. FITToken was developed to disrupt the Fitness and Sports Industry by developing a Smart and Innovative Concept to suit everyday people in Blockchain.

FitToken also has decentralized opportunities for blockchain community members to purchase membership and to place orders at Fitness and Sport Entertainment Center from the convenience of their own mobile app or web based platform.

FIT will be a decentralized and revolutionary App for the Fitness & Sport Centres enthusiast out there. FIT will be building a next generation of the Fitness & Sport Centre platform based on blockchain technology. We strongly believe that the blockchain technology has a huge potential to help accelerate the Fitness and Sport Industry. Thus, being the reason to use the token crowdsale mechanism to pre-sell our product and finance development as opposed to traditional venture capital.

How will FIT contribute the Blockchain and Crypto Currency community.
FIT will take all challenges faced by most Fitness & Sport Centres and combining them in one solution.

FIT is seeking to setup 20–30 FIT Centres across the globe in the next 2 years and will seek out applications from members in the blockchain community.

Each FIT Centre will be furnished with the correct equipment that is state of the art equipment.
Management System.

The FIT App will be used and adopted in every FIT Centre. Members of the public and the Blockchain community will be able to register, book sessions or purchase memberships from FIT Centres. Token Holders will be able to use the platform to exchange their FIT Tokens. The FIT App will also be Rolled out to other Fitness & Sport Centres who have adopted the concept to decentralize and tokenise the Fitness and Sport Industry.
FIT create a sustainable and reliable industry by using the Blockchain.

The Blockchain community will have the opportunity to receive rewards in FIT tokens. The more they visit the FIT Centre the more tokens they can collect to be used at any FIT token centre or other Centre who uses the FIT App.


Introduction to Perfect FIT Centre.
A perfect FIT Centre would compose of the following attributes.

This is a safe facility to train all the muscles using equipment provided by the sports centre and accommodates all training. With the best equipment you can get. Full range of workout classes, from classics like Yoga and Zumba to LES MILLS™ HIIT sessions like GRIT CARDIO™ and GRIT STRENGTH™
Sports Halls.

Perfect for a range of sports, or for an event of your choice
Multi-activity Rooms.
These rooms can be used for anything from martial arts to a formal business meeting, or why not combine the two!
Trampoline park.

It is well known for the excitement under young children and young adults. A trampoline offers fun physical fitness for kids, a chance to move their body and exercise without them even realising!
Cross fit.
This is a fitness regimen that promotes physical fitness as well as healthy lifestyles. Workouts exists out of weightlifting, plyometric, powerlifting, gymnastics and other exercise’s.

This activity is a training discipline using movements that developed from military obstacle course training. Parkour includes running, climbing, jumping, rolling, swinging and many other movements. This activity allows the human mind to Annalise the surrounding and to discover a new way to explore the surroundings.
Outdoor gym.

This is the perfect training facility for self-conscious participants. This provides participants with the necessary equipment to train and become fit.
International Action sports.
This is the combination of various sport types with a smaller than usual group of sportsmen or women competing against one another in a friendly manner.
Medical Centre.
A centre with a high-quality care for all athletes who have injured themselves and need medical help from Physiotherapy, Sport Therapy and Bio kinetics.
A restaurant that strives to provide their customers with fresh food, good service and a warm and welcoming environment.
Conference facilitie.

A upmarket Conference room to make use of, for all your sport related meetings and conferences.




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