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Those who, like unusual athletes, find and create such a project, this is a group of people who love sports and have at least 10 years of experience! They really understand all the nuances of this sport. The task of developers to create sports entertainment centers around the world using the Blockchain platform.
Fittoken will be the main hub of any gym and sports club worldwide. And you can manage all this with one access point. This young, comfortable and fashionable app – drives us into sports and activities !!
Fittoken is the first project in the world that has created apps for sports and fitness lovers, moreover, based on a decentralized Blockchain platform!
Anyone who likes professional sports professionals comes along and creates such a project, that’s it – a group of people who love sports, and with no less than 10 years of experience! They understand well all the sports nuances.
The task of developers to create sports entertainment centers around the world, using the Blockchain platform
Fittoken will be the main hub of any gym and sports club worldwide. And you can manage all of these from one access point. This is a young, comfortable, fashionable app – pushing us into sports and activity !!!
Fittoken is quite actively growing, promising us in 2018 has opened the first Fit Center, then a set of applications that will become FIT Zone.
Imagine that in early 2019 the world will open and develop 30-35 Fit Centers and 20-25 FIT Zones.
And of course thanks to Blockchain’s decentralized platform, visitors and investors and only people who come to walk to the new sports center will always be safe and comfortable.
You do not have to buy an annual subscription immediately and torture yourself with an exhausting workout every day – you can not return the money! No, everything is different here. You can go in a month or a day, maybe a year!
I also love sports fans, I would like to thank the creators. The Fittoken project is a team of 33 sports and fitness professionals at the international level! And countries that want to join become more and more, and therefore the project can be considered successful!

What is FIT Token?
FIT is the first decentralized Fitness and Sport platform, built on the Ethereal network. FIT Token is developed to disrupt Fitness & Sport Industry by developing Smart and Innovative Concepts to suit everyday people in Blockchain.
Fit Token is a decentralized opportunity for blockchain community members to purchase membership and make reservations at the Fitness & Sport Entertainment Center from the convenience of their mobile app or web based platform.
How FIT donated Blockchain and Crypto Currency communities.
FIT will face all the challenges faced by Fitness & Sport Centers and combine them in one solution.
FIT will take all the challenges and make
  • Facilities with enough
  • Tools and userfriendly correct
  • Application management ie
  • Continuous and
  • Appreciate both the Blockchain community and the gym & gym
ICO FIT Token Utama
At this stage, we will plan to launch a major ICO to raise funds and exchange FIT Tokens directly from your contribution. The total inventory of Token will be limited to 400,000 FIT which is 400 Million FIT.
Token Distribution
  • 200,000 FIT or 50% of the total will be sold to crowdsale participants. This includes tokens that are available during pre-sales and major sales.
  • 75,000 000 FIT or 20% of the total amount will be issued to develop the Platform and
  • provide incentives to key stakeholders, promote the Platform and reward the initial adapters. Comply with the down time button.
  • 75,000,000 FIT or 20% of the total will be used Marketing, Advisors and Owners.
  • 50,000 000 FIT or 10% allocated to Rewards for platform users.
Token Sales Structure
Wallet for contributions: BTC, ET, DASH, ZCASH, WAVES
Pre-sales: 10% = 12 500 000 pre-sale tokens at $ 0.10
  • Stage 1: 25 000000 FIT Token @ $ 0.20 per token (0.00075 ETH)
  • Stage 2: 25 000000 FIT Token @ $ 0.25 per token (0.00095 ETH)
  • Stage 3: 25,000 000 FIT Token @ $ 0.30 per token (0.001 ETH)
  • Stage 4: 25,000 000 FIT Token @ $ 0.35 per token (0.0013 ETH)
  • Stage 5: 42 500 000 FIT Tokens @ $ 0.40 per token (0.0015 ETH
  • Stage 6: 42 500 000 FIT Token @ $ 0.50 per token (0.0019 ETH)
Dividend Token
All early adopters who buy tokens will receive a 20% bonus from a number of tokens that are purchased privately, and will be delivered to their FIT Platform when it becomes functional.
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