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FIT — World’s first fitness and fitness Platform with a decentralized and revolutionary token & app for Fitness & Sport Center enthusiasts.

The sports industry is a very diverse industry, including segments such as professional sports, athletics tercollegiate, health and fitness, recreational sports and facilities management. The industry is currently experiencing rapid growth and development, and currently growing, sport managers in different segments face ethical issues that are often unique to each segment. FIT examines professional sports, inter-sector athletic, health and fitness sports, sports leisure management segments and sports industry facilities and addresses the many ethical issues facing managers in each of these segments.

Introduction to the FIT token

Now all the problems and statistics are presented, the question arises. What it is:

(1) The FIT identifier and how it is

(2) will donate to the community of Blockchain and Crypto Currency.

What is a FIT token?

FIT — the first decentralized platform for fitness and sports, built on the network Ethereal. COCOK’s tokens are designed to destroy the fitness and sports industry by developing intelligent and innovative concepts that are suitable for everyday people in Blockchain.


Cultural fitness
The culture of fitness is a sociocultural phenomenon that refers to the culture surrounding physical exercise. This is usually related to the culture of gymnastics, because doing physical exercises in locations such as gymnasiums, health centers and health clubs is a popular activity. An international survey found that more than 27% of the adult population worldwide attended the gym, and 61% of regular sportsmen are currently doing “gym-type” activities.
What is the Sports and Entertainment industry?
Global sports market – total revenue from 2005 to 2017 (in billions of US dollars)
The statistics describe the revenue generated in the global sports market from 2005 to 2017. By 2017, the global sports market is expected to generate revenues of about 91 billion US dollars. In the same year, revenue from the sports merchandise market in North America is estimated at 14.2 billion US dollars
The Challenges Faced by Fitness & Sport Centers
One of the lesser-known aspects of sports management is the health and fitness industry.Health clubs and fitness centers have a unique set of ethical issues that they face. Many health clubs have high-pressure sales, which are terms that describe their employees’ quota of having to meet each month to keep their job. The problem at many of these clubs is that if every employee meets his quota, there will be too many members to provide the service. Another method widely used by this place is to get members to sign up for a lifetime membership or to force them to sign a long contract even if the person will quit after a few months.
FIT will focus on selected ethical issues facing sports centers in this sports industry segment:

Facilities:  Sports Institutions are faced with situations where they do not have the buildings they facilitate. Nearly 60% of Sports and Fitness Institutions hire from landlords at a high cost per square meter.

Equipment: The equipment is old and outdated, and becomes expensive to replace or maintain.


  1. There is a Fitness & Sports Center that does not have the right management system to help them in their daily chores and affordable bookkeeping. Yes, there is currently a Gymnasium Management software in the market but the price is too expensive, and most of the time it does not meet the proper requirements to manage Fitness & Sports Centers with everyday tasks.
  2. The right day to day management system is required primarily for Fitness and Sports Centers that have 300 to 1000+ members. This will come from new enrollments to invoicing and monitoring access to gymnasiums.
  3. Most of the Fitness & Sports Center Management software is very complicated to run and maintain.


  1. The key factor for every Fitness & Fitness Center is having good sustainability in their community and client base so they can provide services. The current Fitness & Sports Center need to follow trends and changes in the Health and Wellness industry. When running the Fitness & Sports Center, you should be able to customize according to the needs of your members. Fitness & Sports Centers can not only be a training ground, and from a management perspective, you have to think of innovative concepts to keep your limbs back each day or at least regularly.
  2. Often Fitness & Sports Centers provide 1 to 3-year contracts at a low monthly rate that is only charged on a particular gym, not allowing members to cancel membership at a particular training venue. This is a big downfall for the industry because most community members are not interested in such long-term deals.Potential clients to become members of a particular gymnasium are often fooled into this contract for a low monthly membership fee. Members are often misled because most gyms know that at least 70% of new members who register will not attend the gym after 3 months.

ICO parameters

Token’s total inventory will be limited to 400,000 FIT

Amount to be attracted

  • Minimum: 3500 ETH
  • Expected: 45,000 ETH
  • Maximum: 300,000 ETH

Token FIT — Sale of a token on sale before ICO

Our preliminary ICO will begin on October 30, 2017 and will last approximately 4 weeks until November 30, 2017. In the preliminary sales of ICO, we will sell about 10% of the total number of 12,500,000 tokens at a price of US $ 0.10 per FIT

Distribution of funds during pre-sale ICO

The funds allocated during the preliminary ISO will be used for marketing and development purposes. Coins COCOK will spend a lot of money for marketing purposes and will implement long-term marketing plans, planning some approaches to digital marketing, such as advertising banners, press releases, advertising campaigns and social networks.

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