(Fiture Energy)

(Fiture Energy)

Future energy is a cryptocurrency mining that will cut costs in mining digital cryptocurrency money, heating up the costs that will be spent using the latest electricity resources that are not traditional. by using this newest power source it will have an operational component 0. Future Energy is the first and the latest.
The problem is that the miners are at an increasingly expensive electricity cost. but with the future technology (Fiture Energy) will cut electricity costs by using non-traditional electricity sources. let’s say if the ASIC Revolution used to mine bitcoin will end with the Future Energy. Future energy will make chip production unable to be done because the chips embedded in ASIC have very high electrical pressure so that miners have to spend more money to pay for electricity.

This will result in Chip merchandise trading, which means they get a modest profit on various markets or can be a sudden decline. To get profit, producers will be forced to concentrate on mass production, thus producers will make profits from the volume. Therefore all producers are focused on mass production rather than focusing on technological progress. The occurrence of a very significant transition to equipment will make the race begin to make future technology with a tendency not to have a very large level of financing. Seen on ASIC devices that have very high supply power and this is the biggest obstacle to miners who mine bitcoin.

With greatness, Future Energy will show its fangs in front of a global race that has no competitors from any platform. 
And with zero costs will be applied when Future Energy is investing in one of the biggest energy plants that will be carried out further construction. 
With the existence of an energy plant that has been built by Future Energy will produce a green energy source that can be used for free without any cost with time in its 40-year lifetime. 

Why choose Future Energy ??

• This project has a lot of development that will be carried out patented with great confidence to generate free sources of green energy. please click on the link below to find out what development will be done. Links

• Future Energy has long been developing the project. seen from the website, they claim that since 2014 this project has been done, the computation power is 9.6ph by SHA256 since this project was made. 

• The team chosen is scientists who are very smart in the blockchain field like ethereum and others. not playing around in choosing a team even world-famous professors are involved in the Future Energy project.

Conclusion Future Energy
Token Information
This sign of an Energy Future token is an ethereum-based FGY. This token is used only as a hosting fee in the cryptocurrency farm. The following is the ICO launch schedule
 tokens will be available for purchase within 60 days from 01/11/2018 to 12/31/2018. 
 tokens will be available for purchase within 90 days from 01/01/2019 to 03/31/2019. 
Soft cover (pre ICO) 500 ETH. 
Hard stamp (pre ICO) 1,500 ETH. 
Soft cover (ICO) 12,500 ETH. 
Hard cap (ICO) of 50,000 ETH.
Price per token when the problem: 
equivalent to ETH 0.0035 to 0.005 ETH , depending on the date of purchase.
Payment method : 
Ethereum (ETH)
Team Future Energy 


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