Five Star Mining Network : The Cryptocurrency Mining Network with Monthly Profit Guaranteed

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What Is Five Star Mining Network?
Five Star Mining Network is a blockchain-based venture that seeks to allow its users to get a share of the revenues made from cryptocurrency mining operations. With their crypto token, FiveStar Mining Network will receive the backing of other cryptocurrencies mined by the platform’s hardware. The platform guarantees investors to get profit every month. The service is aimed to create a multi-currency network with high-value coins generation. The platform is going to become part of revenue market.
Five Star Mining Network team focusing on cryptocurrency mining, advertising, and building own exchange, while targeting to take a big part in cryptocurrency mining, at same time sharing profits with investors using buyback scheme.
How It Works?
With revenues made from cryptocurrency mining rising from after each year FiveStar Mining Network is looking to focus on becoming part of their big market. Their ERC20 token (FSMN coin) will have the backing of minder crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron.
Revenue made from mined crypto coins will be used to cover utility bills, maintenance, and other expenses, while rest of it will be used for buyback scheme. During buyback scheme will buy FSMN coins directly back from investors at exchanges monthly. The more coins we buy back the fewer coins are in the market and the more valuable coin gets in this way we continue to raise value month after month, on top of that, our COIN will start pre-sale at 0.001$ per coin, it means, it cannot lose value, as its already at it’s the lowest price.

FSMN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

Token ticker – FSMN
Accepts- BTC, ETH, Tron (TRX)
Price- 1 FSMN= 0.000001 BTC ($0.01)
Token supply- 10,000,000,000
Hard cap- $10,000,000

Private Pre-Sale

August 2018
1 ETH = up to 900 000 FSMN
1 BTC = up to 1 125 000 FSMN
Up to 50% bonus
2 000 000 000 FSMN on a private sale. All unsold tokens will be burned.


September 2018
1 ETH = up to 780 000 FSMN
1 BTC = up to 975 000 FSMN
30% bonus
2 000 000 000 FSMN. All unsold tokens will be burned.


November 2018
1 ETH = up to 660 000 FSMN
1 BTC = up to 820 000 FSMN
Up to 10% bonus
Total coins at crowd sale 4 000 000 000 FSMN. All unsold tokens will be burned.

Token Distribution

Community distribution- 70%
Reserved funding- 15%
Founders and Team- 9%
Advisors- 3%
Bounty campaign- 3%

Budget Allocation

Product development- 57%
Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition and partnerships- 19%
Operations- 9%
Legal- 6%
Management- 9%

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