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In the modern world as it is today, when cryptocurrency is integrated into many areas of human activity, no one doubts that this technology can change the world, because it happens right before our eyes. In addition to advanced technology, new economic branches, which can attract many investors.

And it’s no secret that blockchain technology can open unlimited opportunities for all types of companies.fixtoken is a social community program where you can exchange time and make your life easier and more meaningful. Taking the fixtoken has been one of the best decisions in my life because it has helped me by using smart contracts to validate my time. I got part of the fixtoken during the crowd sales period where the company entered 5% of tokens for sale. it was a very good decision at that time because most people who want to get tokens can only get it or buy it from people like me who have bought tokens.

Cryptocurrency was created with a vision to give everyone in the world financial freedom and freedom from a centralized monetary system. One reason that inhibits cryptocurrency adoption in our daily lives is the volatility of crpytocurrency value. Bulk adoption is not possible with such volatility. For daily use, these assets must be more stable in terms of value. No trader wants to accept a cryptocurrency if the value changes a lot. Thus, cryptocurrency Stablecoin appeared. Cryptocurrency Stablecoin is a new type of cryptocurrency that has a stable price compared to the volatility of other cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The FixToken project uses an erc-20 smart contract that has been designed for Micro Online transactions, Micro investment. During this time in the world cryptocurrency rarely found projects that connect the cryptocurrency world with the real world. With the world of cryptocurrency whose prices are unstable, easy to change according to traders, costs are not cheap, risks and difficulties may occur. Now the FixToken project is present that will combine the world of Cryptocurrency with the real world. The FixToken team developed a stable cryptocurrency to facilitate


  • FIX Stable Investment
With fixtoken you can get 100% back from the value of the money you invest in FIXTOKEN.
FIX Debit CARD provides transaction convenience for each customer of Stages. This card, besides functioning as an ATM, is also convenient for shopping at various of your favorite merchants.
  • FIX Payment Processor
FIXTOKEN works with several well-known payment processors with the aim of developing the utility of tokens, so you will find it easy to pay for your transactions with fixtoken
FIXTOKEN advantages
  • Free to trade with very low transaction costs.
  • Development of real utilities for traditional currencies by creating platforms for online micro transactions.
  • Distributed to all merchand and customers so as to grow the value and utility.
  • Safe, efficient and decentralized in the long term based on the smartcontract erc20 technology.

As a digital asset, FixToken can also move instantly to anywhere in the world. Built on smart contract technology, it offers the benefits of crypto assets such as powerlessness and decentralized accounting. Stable coins are designed to have a stable price or value over a certain period of time, therefore, are more unstable. FixToken aims to replicate the relative price stability of fiat currencies on the one hand, but still maintains cryptocurrency core values such as decentralization and security, on the other.
Without price stability, cryptocurrency might struggle to achieve mass adoption, wide circulation and, ultimately, daily use.

Token information

Token Name : FIXTOKEN
Tottal Supplay :
Presale : 3 January 2019 – 4 Febuary 2019 with price 2.5 IDR
Ico : 4 Febuary 2019 – 3 Maret 2019 with price 3 IDR



If you want to invest in FIXTOKEN, this is a good time to invest. Join now.

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