Fixy Network : Use of Cryptocurrency in Day To Day Life

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology remain the most annoying and revolutionary
21st century technology. Since the innovative creation of Bitcoin by the mysterious
Satoshi Nakamoto more than 3500 Cryptocurrency has been created. This is generated from
the success of Bitcoin itself. Cryptocurrency was created to change and revolutionize
the financial world as we know it, and blockchain technology was created to serve as  a validation mechanism. Since then, the technology has been applied not only to the financial sector of finance but also to other industries such as oil and gas, real estate, education, medicine and even law, just to mention a few.
However, regardless of the annoying nature of cryptocurrency, and its invaluable benefits and  potential applications, it is still limited, under the unit, and highly volatile. The reason for underutilization is simply because it has no real use in everyday life. Lack of everyday use is one of the factors that makes cryptocurrency extremely volatile, customers and companies rarely use Cryptocurrency for transactions. Therefore, it is difficult for the value to be stable, regardless of the profit.
Introducing Fixy App, a blockchain-based application that will facilitate the use of  cryptocurrency in ordinary everyday life. Fixy App is a blockchain solution, from cryptocurrency beginners cryptocurrency fans. The solution is Mmemberikan some benefits to users such as, monetize their Cryptocurrency and can be paid both in FIAT and cryptocurrency when they sell their goods and services.
There is no cryptocurrency application for everyday life
Despite industry disruptions and technological advances that provide blockchain, one
a largely untapped area is the use of Cryptocurrency in everyday life. Both fiat  and cryptocurrency currencies can be called money or currency, because they are the medium of exchange used to store and transfer value, both can be used for the purchase of goods and services, both of which have their value regulated by supply, demand, employment, scarcity, and Other economic factors, both have their value influenced by the quality of the system surrounding it, both can be traded exchanges. However, Cryptocurrency is very limited especially when it involves buying goods and services. As much cryptocurrency has become a darling medium, it is still not widely accepted or general. In fact, only one full-handed state is cryptocurrency  friendly.

Difficulty getting into the world of cryptocurrency
This is a very tiring task of trying to participate in the world of cryptocurrency, the interest  of beginner investor cryptocurrency is really tested at the point of first purchase. When new and inexperienced cryptocurrency fans get into the actual purchasing context, they realize that is not so easy to get, and some may even lose interest. This is largely as a result of using the registration procedure that must be done by the investor. Register on the exchange platform in others to be able to liquidate a person’s cryptocurrency is another challenge as exchange requires a tiring and time-consuming process involving KYC (know your customers) vali dation that can take days or weeks.

This problem is increasing as some financial institutions have banned their customers  from obtaining cryptocurrency with their services. According to a coinbase report, Credit cardholders from four US banks have been banned from buying Cryptocurrency using credit cards in Coinbase. This development is not exclusive to the United States alone, such as British banking group, Lloyds is also reportedly blocking cardholders from some of its major subsidiaries – including Halifax, MBNA, and Bank of Scotland – from buying Bitcoin on credit.

Centralized exchange
Decentralization Decentralization is at the heart of the value proposition of blockchains; However, the central entity still plays  a major role in the process of buying Cryptocurrency. As a result of the centralized nature of the exchange, the challenges facing this platform have greatly detrimental to cryptocurrency traders and investors using this platform. The exchange has struggled to compete with the very dangerous people of cryptocurrency market growth and large volumes so that part of the existing centralized exchange platform has even started closing new members because it has become almost impossible to meet demand. This makes it very difficult for beginner beginners to get cryptocurrency. Currency traders and Cryptocurrency investors have lost so much  money because this centralized exchange platform at a certain point stops trading, suffers blackouts, and falls when volumes and demand are high. No massive cryptocurrency adoption Despite the popularity of cryptocurrency, especially with attention, the media have granted  it, there is still no mass digital currency adoption. This situation is largely due  to the overly complex purchase process required to obtain cryptocurrency. It’s not like you can  just walk into a store and buy cryptocurrency, because nearly 2 billion adults do not have a bank account and
do not have the necessary bank account to purchase crypto currency.

The challenge of converting cryptocurrency into cash  The last mile issue in cryptocurrency transactions has not been solved. How to change  cryptocurrency into cash in just minutes? Cryptocurrency is a new and modern way to store value. However, it becomes a challenge to convert that value into cash. Although there is an existing platform that provides this service, it usually takes a few days for the transaction to complete, this can be very difficult for individuals who are in dire need of quick cash and can not afford to wait that long.

How does it work?
Fixy Network brings popular cryptocurrency and retailers as partners with blockchain benefits. The Partner Store will receive:
● Bitcoin
● Bitcoin Cash
● Ethereum
● Litecoin

Fixy Network Partner is a retailer selling Gift Cards and members from Fixy Network. Membership and their advertising costs will be paid with Token Fixy.

Although various Cryptocurrency will be traded on the Fixy platform, the Fixy token will
serves as its own platform currency. Partners who want to be part of the network will do  so by paying Fixy tokens. In addition, Fixy tokens will be used to purchase ad space on the platform and can be used to make purchases. To prevent, inflation and maintain a steady increase in value, Fixy tokens will have a fixed quantity supply of 100,000,000 FXY

Fixed apps are not just about serious business; it also brings fun and games into the mix. There will be some games in the app that will involve users. The game will vary the contest in which users will be able to participate and win prizes. This will help create a healthy community in the app.

Benefits of Fixy Application
The Fixy app provides shortcuts for beginner cryptocurrency fans to enter the world of  cryptocurrency by making it easy and secure for investors to monetize their Cryptocurrency. Fixy app allows companies and ICO to reach more customers, brand to sell more and  get paid in cryptocurrency and fiat. The Fixy app has a decentralized peer to peer market and a decentralized OTC exchange. Fixy will offer gift cards that will be available at any Fixy network store and will be sold orders. Users will be able to access features such as OTC trading for cryptocurrency, gold, and silver in it apps. Store finders in the Fixy app will also make it easier for users to find Fixy stores closest  to them


Token Name
Symbol Token:
Total Supply:
1ETH = 5000ETH
PRE-ICO Start Date:
01 / May / 2018
PRE-ICO End Date:
09 / May / 2018
ICO Start Date ICO:
16 / May / 2018
ICO End Date ICO:
31 / May / 2018 00:00:00
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