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Good afternoon dear friends. Today, I would like to start a conversation about a trade topic, like trade. It is known that at the moment the crypto currency is developing quite extensively. There are various shops in which you can buy things for crypto currency. But since all this is not very integrated, it turns out very uncomfortable to go to different sites and search for the right things in different places. Of course, I would like to combine everything in one place. That everything was in one place and immediately. But at the moment it has no implementation. The other day I got a very interesting project, such as FLOGmall. Let’s see? than this project will be of interest to users.
This project brings together on one site 1000 ads for the sale of goods and services. At the same time, you can freely buy these things, for a currency like a crypto currency. This platform is built on modern technology of blockade. Also on this site there is very convenient navigation for users. On this site there is a catalog with all possible offers of goods that will be useful to you in everyday life. Simply put, on this platform you can find everything you need. Also on the platform will be present such function as video sale. Thanks to this you do not have to be in the old fashioned way in the queues for this or that thing. All you need is to register on the site and, well, and accordingly have access to the Internet. In addition to all this, on the platform will be the possibility of placing your own ads. Roughly speaking, you do not need a thing and you want to sell, therefore, you will be able to advertise the sale of this thing on the FLOGmall platform. Just make either a photo or video review of your product and fill it with the site. I also wanted to mention that this service is absolutely free. As for payment for the goods, here you can choose the convenient crypto currency and pay it accordingly. At the same time, you will not lose interest on exchanging crypto currency. Simply put, thanks to this platform you will be aware of all the hot offers and will be able to buy goods absolutely conveniently. Independently new this product or the sale of old collections. The main thing is that everything is very convenient and beautiful in one place. As I already said, this store has very convenient navigation. Thanks to it you will be able to find what you need without spending time on sorting out unnecessary material. The very same product is presented very well in a minimalist style. In the pictures everything is clear and clear and allows you to choose what you want. Similar products with the specified price category will also be displayed. As for the cost of goods, you can display it in the necessary crypto currency, simply by using the filter. After applying the necessary crypto currency, the price will be displayed exactly in it. Recalculation will be made relative to the current exchange rate. And accordingly, for your convenience, you will display the price in dollars. For the convenience of users provides a quick view of photos and video product, Also, all information will be provided in one place so that the user does not have to scroll the page for a long time. Also, in addition to the information will be given the best offers of the store in which you view the goods. This is necessary for the convenience of users. The cost of the goods will also be lower than in ordinary stores, since there will be no intermediaries between the buyer and the seller. And, accordingly, this will affect the price.
Also I would like to talk about the benefits for users of this platform:
The main advantage is that you can change your tokens for the goods or services that you need.
Also, you simply get access to goods from any corner of the world. In this case, this product will be presented in all beauty thanks to a very good and thoughtful design of the site.
Also you can make payments with any altcoyines. In addition, you will be able to receive information on each seller from whom you are going to purchase a particular product. Well, how can I not say about such an important plus as cashback and discounts. These Things will also be present on this platform.
The sellers at this site will also have their advantages. First of all, this is an extensive audience from all over the world. Also, savings will be made on commissions of payment systems. You will be able to open your store and start selling very quickly. At the same time, your products can be advertised and promoted by bloggers. Also on the platform will be additional services, but they will have minimum tariffs. Also, which is important, all the sellers at the initial level will have equal opportunities. Well, the most important plus for sellers is a solvent audience that has different crypto-currencies.
Just want to say a few words about the ICO.
ICO will be held in 3 stages:
1.pre-Sale will be held from December 14, 2017 to January 14, 2018 year.
Sales rate: 1ETH = 6000 MLC.
Soft cap: $ 500,000.
Hard cap: $ 1,000,000.
2.Pre-ICO will be held from February 22, 2018 to March 8, 2018.
Sales rate: 1ETH = 3000 MLC.
Soft cap: 2 500 000 $.
Hard cap: $ 5,000,000.
3.ICO will be held from March 22 to April 12, 2018.
Sales rate: 1ETH = 2000 MLC.
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000.
Hard cap: $ 18,000,000.
Also for sales there will be a bonus system:
System of bonuses on Pre-ICO:
1-3 days from 20 to 25%
4-8 days from 15 to 20%
9-12 days from 5 to 10%
13-15 days 0%
The system of bonuses on ICO:
1-4 days from 20 to 25%
5-13 days from 15 to 20%
14-19 days from 5 to 10%
20-22 day information about bonuses has not been disclosed, it will be a surprise for investors.
Funds collected during sales are distributed as follows:
PR and marketing to support FLOGmall and project support: up to 79% (FLEX)
Infrastructure and community development: 5% (Fix) MIN 1 000 000 $
PR and marketing services for ICO: up to 5% (Fix) MIN 500 000
Operating expenses , employees, office, etc.: up to 7% (Fix) MIN 2 000 000 $
Investments return to early investors: 2% MAX 500 000 $
Legal compliance, execution of documents: 1% (FIX) MIN 150 000 $
Refunds , received during the development of the platform: 1% MAX 500 000 $
Bonus owners and developers: MAX 3% (FLEX)
I would like to sum up the foregoing. This project is very interesting. At the same time, the developers have enough experience to understand the market requirements and the desires of users in order to successfully promote their trading platform to the masses.
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