FLOGmall  is an international e-commerce site created for users from all over the world, selling and buying various products and services for tokens.
The mission of the FLOGmall platform  is to completely change the market of goods and services, using extensive experience, in-depth knowledge, as well as the interest of the largest sellers and ordinary users around the world. FLOGmall  is a multi-format free-of-charge bulletin board and an online store platform that brings together sellers and buyers of products / services for tokens around the world.
FLOGmall  is a modern ecosystem of purchase and sale of goods and services.
FLOGmall  is a revolution in the world of e-commerce and the world of investment!
FLOGmall presents stores in a new, unique format -  LiveStore . A live store is a collection of video content and blogs about sellers, stores, goods and services. Available content, giving the opportunity to show themselves in the LiveStore format  .

Purchase and sale of goods and services for crypto currency in  one place

Live Stores (live stores)  with easy navigation for users

Thousands of  private ads for the sale of goods and services
For customers:
  • Exchange of  tokens for goods and services of wide consumption.
  • Access  to goods and services from around the world.
  • A unique  video platform  with live shops.
  • Payment  for any altcoyin.
  • Honest information for each seller.
  • Cashback and discounts  for tokens
  • Secure purchases using a  smart contract .
For sellers:
  • Access to buyers  from all over the world .
  • Savings  on commissions of payment systems.
  • Own a live  store on the finished platform.
  • Quick  start of sales.
  • Wide opportunities  for promotion through bloggers.
  • Free area  with minimum rates  for additional services.
  • Access to a new, growing audience of  holders of tokenswith high solvency.
  • Equal opportunities  for all types of sellers at the initial stage of placement on the FLOGmall resource.
For ICO participants:
  • Possible benefits  after starting the project with ATES (from English Automatic Token Exchange Service – Automatic exchange of tokens).
  • Scheduled output of  Mallcoin token on popular crypto-exchanges.
  • Hedging of risks.
  • Benefit  up to 80%  on site services.
For holders and miners, crypto currency:
  • The ability to buy and sell goods / services for  more than 1800  different altcoys (including those purchased by other ICOs).
  • Stimulating the growth of  most altcoins  by exchanging goods / services for tokens.
For traders:
  • Formation of the  capitalization of the token before entering the crypto-exchange exchanges. We create a conditional entry point greater than zero.
  • Stimulating the growth of the exchange rate  on the stock exchanges due to the need for tokens on the site itself.
  • Market  pricing of the token rate.
For enthusiasts:
  • Thanks to the exchange of goods and services of general consumption for crypto-currencies,  additional interest is created  to this market by ordinary users, who are still buying goods and services for fiat money.
  • Formation of a  new category of users who will use the crypto currency mainly for the exchange of goods and services.
  • Attracting attention to the industry.  Crypto penetration into society.
  • Change of paradigm of thinking: from phiatic to crypto-currency.
  • The refusal of fiat money  in favor of the endless liquidity of the crypto currency.
Millions of offers – A  catalog with an extensive list of products for each user category. Here you will find everything you need for everyday life. Choose products from millions of offers and make purchases for crypto currency.
Stream video sales – are  you ready for an era of sales in real time? Now you do not have to run headlong and jostle in queues to get the cherished goods at the best price. It is enough to have an Internet connection and be registered to Flogmall.
Private ads -  Thanks to Flogmall you can absolutely place an advertisement for the sale of goods that you have not used for a long time and get a crypto currency for it! Take photos and video review of your product and place it in just a few clicks. Millions of users from all over the world will see your ad.
Based on the calculations, with a positive scenario, FLOGmall’s revenue will be $ 17,148,382.10 monthly. The annual revenue will be $ 205,780,585.14. Taking into account the correction factor of 0.75 (deduced from the calculation of the gradual increase in users on the site for 6 months), the total annual revenue will be $ 154,335,438.86. In this case, the reverse implementation of all Mallcoin tokens holders of FLOGmall, with the benefit of exchanging for another crypto currency equal to x2, will not be more than 5 months, provided that the total sale of tokens to users in the ICO stages amounts to $ 30,000,000. This period is calculated for the exchange of the most recent holder at the maximum rate, since the first holders will begin to exchange Mallcoin with the benefit already at the start of FLOGmall.
Stage  preSale 
 Period:  from December 14 to January 14. 
 Soft cap: $ 500,000 . The sale rate is Mallcoin 1 ETH = 6000 MLC. 
 Hard cap: $ 1,000,000
 Period:  from February 22 to March 8, 2018. 
 Soft cap: 2 500 000 $ . The sale rate is Mallcoin 1 ETH = 3000 MLC. 
 Hard cap: $ 5,000,000
 Period:  from March 22 to April 12, 2018. 
 Soft cap: $ 5,000,000 . Sales rate Mallcoin 1 ETH = 2000 MLC 
 Hard cap: $ 18,000,000
The FLOGmall project has an ambitious goal – to revolutionize the world e-commerce, completely change the market of goods and services, saving it from the pressure of retail chains and the costs of inefficient marketing.
The world is irreversibly changing. You can observe the changes from outside, and you can make them together with us, for the benefit of progress and humanity. Support the FLOGmall project!
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