FLOGmall: International E-commerce Platform for the World with the Cryptocurrency Payment


FLOGmall is an e-commerce site created specifically for Global Users, regardless of distance or User domicile. FLOGmall allows its Users to sell a wide range of products and services using the token FLOGmall provides. Just like inside the Mall, Users will be able to find different types of products and services provided by other Users, but in a simpler form aka LiveStore. LiveStore is just like a collection of video content, but LiveStore contains a variety of writings and blogs about sellers, stores, goods, and services. FLOGmall will make your shopping activities simpler and easier.


Getting Started Development

The FLOGmall team creates a feature, wherein Users can view directly through Livestore about sellers, stores, goods, etc. provided in the FLOGmall Platform. Inside Livestore Seller may show a percentage of the video directly, so that User knows how Seller works or how the Product is made. Additionally Seller may also advertise, insert important messages, online video announcements (streaming) directly on the FLOGmall Platform, so Users know about the developments of the Seller’s store or get information on discounts directly.


Buying something has never been easier than today when there are multiple e-commerce apps on our mobile phone. It may take more than a second to order our favourite book or any other product. This has also become much easier for people selling it as they can target a large customer base and the quality has become one of the main selling points on the e-commerce websites.

Not only the internet but also the smartphone market has caught up the mood of the people. With these developments in the market, online sellers are reaping the benefits of the online shopping. There are multiple challenges associated with the current e-commerce market given the rise in the cryptocurrency economy and a few of them are lack of technology integration, the absence of crypto-based payment solutions etc. There needs to be a new platform which enables cryptocurrency based payment.

Solution offered

FLOGmall is an e-commerce website created for the global audience where goods and services are displayed in the LiveStore format. The LiveStore Format is unique and different as it allows video and other kinds of content to be made available on the platform about the sellers and the products. This helps people decide and choose easily on the platform where you can find blogs, reviews and videos related to the products, which you are going to buy. A few of the unique features of the LiveStore are mentioned below.

  1. Video ads/messages for the products and services
  2. Video blogs for reporting on events and Video presentation of the product
  3. Online Video streaming, auction and Games
  4. Cashback and discounts available on the platform with a multicurrency payment facility
  5. Sellers have wide opportunities with the minimum rates for additional services
  6. Traders, sellers and consumers are key participants on the platform
  7. Transparent information about each product and fair opportunities to everyone


250,000,000 MLC tokens are created for the project in which 74% is reserved for the ICO. The ICO will start from 12th April 2018 and continue until 12th May 2018. The funds collected from the ICO and pre ICO sales of tokens will be utilised in the PR, marketing, development of platform and bonuses. A team is a group of experts who believe in the power of cryptocurrency and e-commerce market.


Consumers are looking for simple yet affordable products which are easily available on the internet. The e-commerce market in the recent years has exploded given the rise of internet penetration in many parts of the world. The e-commerce market is going to become the leading industry in the world as technology integration takes place in the developing countries.



With this opportunity, We invite you to enlarge this Platform, to reach the Broader Society. We will release the Token under the name “MLC Token ”, here is the data.

  • • Name: Mallcoin (MLC)
    • Suppy: 250 000 000 MLC










WEB: https://flogmall.com/
WHITEPAPER: https://flogmall.com/wp/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/flogmall
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/flogmall
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/flogmallico

BitcoinTalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1776393

Ethereum Address: 0x0bdF15D19B1c37f55E36B82590DD49958439d2f9












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