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Block chain technology has taken up the things to a new level and Fluxorin as stepped in as a decentralized network to target the problems of the music industry by using and distributing flux tokens. The music industry is always in the need of creative change that can make the artists and audience get head over heels. The dynamicity of music and trends on musical industry keep changing the industry norms at a fast pace.

Blockchain technology can play its vital part in flourishing the music industry and taking it to a whole new level by providing payment opportunities for the artists to get paid.

What new is offered by Fluxorin in this mix of blockchain with music?

Fluxorin aims to provide transparency of rights and ownership in the complicated block chain structure. The transparency of the owner makes the transactions trackable and easy to link back and it lowers the risks of fraudulent transactions.

The need of blockchain in music industry

Music industry is in a dire need of some operational mechanism to carry out safe transactions that provide appropriate means to track down the ownership and rights for a particular transaction, in order to assure safety and payment protection over the decentralized network.

Fluxorin has taken a new step in establishing such mechanism for the music industry using flux tokens by putting forward multiple ways for the distribution of digital music as well as offering a new model for the process of music creation. Not only it allows the artists to get to the music stream easily but also the creative individuals to contribute to the music industry through decentralized autonomous labels.

Benefits offered by Fluxorin

In addition to offering a revolution in the music industry, here are some benefits offered by them:

1. Transparency

Transparency in the flow of transactions and the ability to track back the rights and ownership of the transaction is something highly needed. It allows the people on both ends of a transaction to stay assured of the transaction to be successful along with assuring them for no risk of any fraudulent activities to occur through it.

Flux token is a step towards providing transparency in the transactions occurring in the music industry. Along with putting forward a way for transaction flow, it also offers a new model for the music creation process. Thus, this model of music creation process via decentralized self-directed label is going to make a good revolution and is highly beneficial for investments purposes. The reason for flux token having high chances of getting industry bulge is its risk-free model. Bringing music and artist royalties a step ahead cuts down the risk factors and thus this ICO has high chances of getting to another level soon.

2. Usage of DLA in distribution

DLA is a law firm which holds a network of lawyers from all over the 40 major countries of the world for making legal decisions. As the rules and laws vary from region to region, the network or lawyers allows knowing the legal restriction involved for the ICO to be held from place to place.

The usage of DLA in flux token distribution further cuts down the risks of an ICO being a flop in any region of the world and thus it is made sure that the ICO is run successfully throughout all regions, which counts a lot towards the success of an ICO.

3. Appropriate allocation of royalties

The artist royalties which are an important part of this decentralized technology are appropriately allocated. By allocation, it is meant that the distribution of the benefits of the proposed system are smartly and equally distributed. This makes sure that each region gets fair level of share from the ICO or flux tokens.

4. Low operational cost

The operational cost has always been an important aspect of using block chain technology. Fluxorin has kept the low operational cost in mind while designing and proposing this model. Daily our music industry gets along with the transactions of worth billions of dollars throughout the world. This big amount of transaction costs a big operational cost which lowers down the transaction value at the end of the day by imposing heavy costs in terms of transaction cost, transaction taxes etc. This operational cost is lowered multiple times through the use of blockchain technology in the implementation of flux tokens.

5. Usage of P2P technology over the delivery networks

Peer to peer technology has been successfully operating in the past decade due to its ability to allow users to share information in a number of ways. Due to P2P networks being successful in networking, flux token has implemented the same technology in it to make the delivery of transaction successful over networks. Another implementation for assured delivery in flux token is highly in support of this ICO to become one of the top successful ICOs held till now.

6. Implementing and employing Sharism model

In any business, either it is based on blockchain technology or not, Sharism model holds an utter importance. Sharism model works on the principle of sharing, either its profit, businesses or strategies. The flux token employs Sharism model which assures the distribution of resources rather than forming a monopoly of resources.

Due to this model, there is no risk involved in investing in flux tokens. It does not allow some users or a group of investors to form a monopoly over this distributed system, rather, it makes sure that the benefits are distributed among the whole network of investors.

Financial benefits of investing in flux tokens

Whenever planning to invest, everyone looks into some material or financial benefits and there is nothing wrong with it. The cost of one flux is 0.2$ and the completion period of the token sale is kept as short as 75 days, unlike the ICOs that keep extending the span.

There is a technical limit of 372,000,000 on the tokens and ICO is not planning at all to extend the sale period. Instead of waiting for the tokens to end, Fluxorin has announced to destroy the unallocated or remaining tokens. With an as much lower start as 0.2$ per flux token, you can raise million dollars out of this smart investment within a short time span. The risk analysis of the decentralized network has assured the system to break records of some important previous ICOs.

Website: https://www.fluxorin.io/
Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4361686.0
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/fluxorin.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fluxorin_io
Telegram: https://t.me/FluxorinICO

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