Fluzcoin: Smart Retail Currency Platform

What is Fluzcoin??
FLUZCOIN is a keen Retail Currency and Fluzcoin is focusing on $ 23 Trillion Markets, empowered by an algorithmic central bank and revolutionary appreciation paths, 100% KYC agreeable and with zero transaction costs, is set to assume a critical part in crypto retail mass selection. Fluzcoin, as a free retail coin organized in PC supported administration, tackles the issues of speed, cost, consistence and abundance volatility; usheringin a genuine retail coin prepared for mass appropriation.

Consumers are equipped with a free application that is Fluzcoin wallet as well as additional features, such as free coin tracking distributed to Fluzcoin holders, search for nearby stores that accept Fluzcoin and provide special deals that can be redeemed only for Fluzcoin.

A merchant displays the total number of trains on a conventional cash table screen along with a conversion to the amount of Fluzcoin.

Payment invites are presented by scanned QR code, which may be unique to each transaction (or from a reusable set of addresses).

User acceptance of payments is embedded into scanning action – once the QR code is scanned, the transaction is fired.

Fluzcoin, the patent awaits the smart retail currency

Pump & Dump retail is a tough coin

Non-speculative based on design

Market algorithmic interventions

Fluzcoin, as an autonomous retail coin organized in PC helped administration, takes care of the issue of speed, cost, consistence, and exorbitant unpredictability; conveying the right retail coins prepared for mass selection.

Manmade brainpower computerized reasoning (AI) calculation Fluzcoin will keep on adjusting to give a smooth way of gratefulness, taking out the theoretical unpredictability that so much influences cryptocurrency and prevents this conviction.

Through the machine learning calculation, the issuance of Fluzcoin coin bonds and profits, Fluzcoin intends to give the vital certainty to wide acknowledgment as a medium of trade and moreover, store of significant worth.

The esteem created by printing another Fluzcoin is amplified by the Fluzcoin holder as a profit; which implies aggregation of Fluzcoin, produces a gratefulness way like customary cryptocurrency despite the fact that the individual Fluzcoin esteems ​​have never soar.

The Fluzcoin-run PC economy delivers a straightforward and unsurprising vacillation way, contrasted with FIAT and digital currencies.

Fluzcoin is intentionally designed as a freethinker innovation. To start, he has picked JP Morgan Quorum from Ethereum, in a rendition custom-made for institutional requirements. The selection of an approved arrangement, JP Morgan Quorum blockchain authorization of the last age, permits high throughput and in addition data protection.

Fluzcoin will likewise give its own wallet to putting away, offering, purchasing, and paying with Fluzcoin at retail through a viable QR code filter. The organization’s Fluzcoin wallet will give the important bookkeeping contribution to the dealer to accommodate Fluzcoin installments.

The framework is based on Hyperledger Fabric and can maintain day by day exchanges of up to 1,000,000,000 retail clients around the world. Additionally research and advances in blockchain innovation will expand this figure to convey retail coins to the worldwide market.

Fluzcoin’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculation, EUNOMIA, overcomes crypto-economic volatility with continuous, PC supported market remedies to the Fluzcoin free market activity.

Feature of fluzcoin

Consumer is capable with unfastened application it is Fluzcoin pockets as properly as extra features, for instance checking of unfastened money distributed to Fluzcoin holders, seek of neighborhood shops accepting Fluzcoin and offering different deal redeemable for Fluzcoin as it were.

A service provider is demonstrating the complete amount of the truck on a regular money desk show alongside with conversion into Fluzcoin sum. visit vidio

Payment welcome is provided by means of a scannable QR code, which might be distinctive for every exchange (or come from a pool of reusable addresses).

A consumer acceptance of the cost is embedded into filtering movement – when the QR code is scanned, exchange is fired.

Zero-fee exchanges for consumers

Protection for benefactors – supporters don’t desire others to see what they are buying

Independence for merchants

KYC enablement – person wallets should be upgradeable through KYC to facilitate regulatory issues of banks and servicing merchants

Trust inside the measurements of the distributed ledger for benefactors and merchants

Tradeability – the coin must be certainly exchangeable into crypto assets on exchanges

High exchange speed

High throughput – retail is operating underneath stack rather than conventional blockchain exchanges. The exchanges per second (TPS) threshold must be serenely working at least 250 TPS in the first venture phase.

Adaptability in phrases of an enormous blockchain report and its indexing. Blockchains don’t shop “balances” of coins, yet calculate approaching and active exchanges at the fly, so separated from the essential ledger file there can be an “index” maintained to facilitate snappy operations.

Under the circumstance of an a success coin reveal, the report may certainly develop to Terabytes and such increase desires to be accommodated without a degradation in performance.

Executive Team

STEFAN KRAUTWALD Commercial Director

DAVID ROSENBLATT Corporate Development Director

ANTONS SAPRIKO IT Director | Scandiweb CEO

GLEBS VREVSKY Marketing Director

ULDIS BAUMERTS Product Coordinator



AIGARS PAVLOVICS Head of Operations

Technical Advisors
Raghavendra Srinivasan

Florian Burkart

Ruchika Kumar

EUNOMIA Foundation
Andreas Antrup Council Member

Vikram Nagrani Council Member

José Abbo Council Member

Karl Karlsson Council Member

Active Board Advisors
Maurice Harary

Lars Rydström

Keith Teare

Karl Karlsson

Anil Benard-Dende

José Ruiz

Dr. Sebastian Fourné

David Adelman

Isaac Levy

Alberto Tarazi


Based on prior launch experiences the team feels comfortable with the following time line


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