Cryptocurrency has been borne into the e-commerce industry because of its many gains and easy going features that matches with man’s need of today. Technologies like Smart contract that enables a trustless sealing of contract online, double layer of security over traditional platforms, cost effectiveness and fast pace of getting processes done, are all the numerous benefits of using the technology. Since 2009, the market has been buzzed with the keywords ICO, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum, blockchain and its associates. Today, there is a new coin making its entrant into the market, with well-designed features, the coin will bring solutions to the brewing issues of traditional cryptocurrency exchange platforms which has lingered for long now without a solution on sight.


Reasons like cost effectiveness of Business Transactions, Secured Transactions, Lower fees, Grand entrance into the global market at large are few of the many reasons why cryptocurrency should be involved into your business model. Businesses get to enjoy its globalization which permits exchange of value for coins. With this also, the idea of having a centralized banking system that enforces their policies and extra fee charged for transactions get to be taken away. It provides really, a secure platform for financial transactions.

Currently there are over 1200 altcoins in circulation. Big businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies in their business model, because of its anonymity, high layered security and massive entrant into the market. Microsoft, WordPress, Virgin Galactic and other big corporations are few of the many that has accepted its uses in their businesses. So there is a living and ever growing market for it.

Behind the beauty and the potentialities that lie within this innovative technology, there are still some issues that need to be tackled to grant businesses and its users a fulfilled service and benefit. This is exactly where the Fluzcoin came through, to provide solutions to these problems.

First of all, Fluzcoin is a retail coin used for payment utility and to store value. It has been designed to provide prime speed in processing transactions and in all areas of it functions. With the Fluzcoin platform, there’s guarantee of cost effectiveness, and stability of the price in the market, unlike other coins that experiences high volatility of its price. This issue of high volatility of has been resolved on the Fluzcoin platform by the providence of the Fluzcoin Arrtificial Intelligence which is to provide instantaneous computer-aided market corrections which is to align with demand and supply of the Fluzcoin.

As a way to reduce retail prices, merchants registered on the network are able to pass the transaction cost-savings to their customer. This gesture signifies that merchants wouldn’t be demanding for transacrion costs, rather, the stipulated fund is transferred back to the customer as a sign to help them save more. In most of other platforms, these transaction costs are not only charged per transaction, but they are excessively high and pocket unfriendly. Still in the gesture to give back to the customers, there are discounted items and lowered prices for customers, these discounts have been paid for during the Initial Coin Offering.


Bothe parties are to enjoy mutual benefits by making use of Fluzcoin. These ranges from flexible payment terms and policies, smart contracts with automated execution of tasks, ease of use (Well-designed user interface for mobile and web apps), simple process of currency conversion, and smoothness in appreciation path which has been made possible by the Fluzcoin Steering Mechanisms and the Fluzcoin Algorithm.


ERC-20 Fluzcoin token will be created during the token generation event. After Fluzcoin Blockchain launch, contributors will be able to replace ERC-20 Fluzcoin Token for Fluzcoin on Fluzcoin Blockchain, 1:1 equivalent. EUNOMIA algorithm will start working on Fluzcoin Blockchain only.

Symbol: FFC

Total Supply: 3,223,000,000 FFC

Tokens for Sale: 2,120,000,000 FFC (~65,78%)

Public Pre-Sale until: 30.11.2018

Public Sale: 01.12.18 – 15.12.18

Price: 1 Fluzcoin = 0.1 USD

Bonus token unlock: 1 month after ICO ends



12.04% – Bonus Coins for ICO participants

9.31% – ICO Marketing and Post-ICO Merchant

Incentive Coins and Consumer Airdrops

3.29% – Team and Advisor Coins

3.29% – Fluz Fluz Network Rewards Coins Drawing


6.30% – Fluzcoin Global, Inc.



50% will be allocated for Marketing Operations. 10% for IT development and monitoring While 3% will be used for Legal & Compliance. 20% for commercial retailer onboarding, 7% for Admin overhead and 10% will be the Reserve sent to the Fluzcoin Foundation.



Nov 2017: Idea shaping

Jan 2018: Idea sharpening and preparation

Feb 2018: Whitepaper, concept refining and backtesting

June 2018: Start of retailer onboarding process

June 2018: Start of private placements via ERC20 Fluzcoin Token in selected jurisdictions and selected audience: patient application

Aug 2018: EUNOMIA Foundation Representatives positioning

Aug 2018 Fluzcoin ERC-20 Token market introduction

Dec 2018: First batch of Quorum Fluzcoin with AI coin governance

2019: Start of retail use of payment.


Stefan Krautwald – Commercial Director

Antons Sapriko – IT Director

Glebs Vrevsky – Marketing Director

Uldis Baumerts – Product Coordinator

David Leibowitz – Asia Director

Davis Krikauskis – Delivery Manager

Aigars Pavlovics – Head of Operations



Raghavendra Srinivasan

Florian Burkart

Ruchika Kumar

Mario Cohen



Lars Rydström

Karl Karlsson

Keith Teare

Anil Benard-Dende

José Ruiz

Dr. Sebastian Fourné

Alberto Tarazi

Isaac Levy

David Adelman

Phil Dardier

Maurice Harary

Bryan Feinberg

Matthew Novak

Alon Horovitz

To find out more information about this awesome project do well to visit the links below as the details of the team members and the company’s roadmap of the Fluzcoin project are well labeled out for easy understanding.

Websites: https://fluzcoin.io/

Whitepaper: https://fluzcoin.io/docs/Fluzcoin_Coin_Sale_Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Fluzcoin_Foundation

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fluzcoin/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fluzcoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/fluzcoin/

Medium: https://medium.com/@fluzcoin


BITCOINTALK URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2076086

WALLET ADDRESS: 0x2859DD117e5E186B2dec97b50012C66D0E7597Ad


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