An application that allows you to schedule appointments in a simple way to get home care


FlyCare is an application that allows you to make an appointment in a simple way to receive a home care. Home care today is ill adapted to new consumption habits and the reality of a goods-and-services economy that has become increasingly flexible and mobile. This paradoxical finding is also in contradiction with the internal dynamics of professions that have considerably simplified and reduced the performance time in an increasing number of procedures.The FlyBox, meanwhile, is a material designed for home care, ergonomic, hygienic and adaptable to several professions (dental, chiropody, hairdressing, etc. 21 professions in total to date). Quality care for everyone, at any time, at any place, at the best price, after a click. Medical, wellness and personal care accessible to everyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. Quality care for everyone, anytime, anywhere, at the best price. More than a technical solution, a new way of imagining home care. Many types of care, complex and long, can be performed only at the cabinet or clinic setting. Others, shorter, mastered and equally essential, can nevertheless be organized at home, in a less restrictive way, for patients’ comfort and practitioners’ convenience.
The combination of a revolutionary FlyBox hardware, a FlyCare application and a logistics platform allows the multiplication of services. For the care provider it is a complete turnkey solution, easy to use that allows to conduct a new activity, in parallel or full time, without major investment. For the patient, it is the opportunity to receive at home or anywhere, quality care, a competitive price without worries of travel or organization for all individuals and families.
A triple revolution: for the patient, the practitioner and the care industry.Treatments such as teeth whitening, along with general, dental, ocular, physiological or ENT checkups, hairdressing, aesthetics, tattoos and podiatry are not intended to generate the same amount of waiting time, the same real estate investments, secretarial commitments and the same procedure and booking constraints as heavy interventions require. The solution: an easy-to-carry, clean and ergonomic equipment box with improved communication between practitioners and patients, as well as a reliable and organized logistic organization.
Unlock access to care while offering new opportunities for practitioners (flyPRO)flyCARE solves the problem of office-based insulation and anchoring by providing a new business model that makes mobility a viable and cost-effective option for service providers and their customers.
flyCARE’s offer features:
flyCARE App applicationin sync with the digital economy and new modes of consumption.Equipment designed for home care,with revolutionary ergonomics and hygiene (flyBOX).Dynamic and innovative logistics adapted to the consumables used daily by care professionals and aligned with trends in the relevant industry.In partnership with the consumable industry, the care professional can access practical work/continuing education to hone his/her skills. flyCARE provides care professionals with access to flybox hardware without any initial investment. A secure platform for financial transactions as well as for the profiles of users and professional caregivers. flyCARE provides for one of the most frictionless levels of healthcare connectivity. With the strength of smart contracts and automatic authorization provides access to a diverse set of services through the digital infrastructure. While the current system is not open to fully support security and interoperability, flyCARE’s systems meet all these challenges, and it could become the answer for healthcare mobility.
Using Blockchain Ethereum technology, which enables “utility” token issuance, flyCARE will thus create its own cryptocurrency, the flyCARE Coin (FCC). Through the app, the flyCARE community will use this currency throughout the world as a mobile payment method.It guarantees a high level of integrity and security, and removes intermediary fees from all transactions generated in the flyCARE ecosystem, in accordance with best practices applied for this type of platform. Credit card payment will gradually be replaced by FCC payment, a change that will provide many benefits compared to traditional payment methods.

Token Information:

  • Ticker- FCC
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Accepted- ETH
  • Price rate- 1 FCC=0.2 EUR
  • Supply amount- 200,000,000
  • Hard Cap- 26 million USD
  • Soft Cap- 1 Million USD


  • ICO Sale- 65%
  • Reserve fund- 25%
  • Team and advisers- 10%
Token presale – May 14 to June 10 , 2018
The tokens presale process is an exclusive sale for first contributors. The maximum number of tokens available for sale during the presale is 32,500,000 (25% of tokens sold). To activate the sale of tokens, a premium will be offered to first contributors, who will take part of this phase. Contributors entering the pre-sale process will receive a 20% discount during week 1 and week 2, and 15% during week 3 and week 4.
Main token sale – From June 11 to July 14, 2018
The process of selling tokens is a crowdsale and will target all public contributions. The maximum amount of tokens for sale at this stage is 97,500,000 (75% of tokens sold). To encourage the sale of all tokens, a decreasing contribution will be offered to contributors as follows: Contributors entering the sales process will receive a 10% discount during week 5 and 5% during week 6.

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