Folk Story from Bogor, Jawa Barat – Indonesia (Retold by Samsuni)

Once, in the area of Pakwan (now Bogor City), West Java, it was a king named Sri Baduga Maharaja or Prabu Siliwangi who reigned in the Kingdom of Pakuan Pajajaran. He is a wise and wise king. The King also has a beautiful queen and a number of beautiful concubines. From the results of his marriage with the empress was born a daughter named Putri Kandita.

Putri Kandita has a beautiful face that exceeds her mother’s beauty. He is the favorite daughter of Prabu Siliwangi. When he began to mature, the wise and wise nature as possessed by the father began to appear on him. Not surprisingly, Prabu Siliwangi intends to nominate Putri Kandita as his successor later. However, the plan was apparently disliked by the concubines and other sons and daughters. Therefore, they conspired to expel Kandita and her mother from the palace.

One night, the concubines of Prabu Siliwangi and their sons and daughters held a secret meeting inside the palace.

“How do you get rid of Kandita Princess and Empress from this palace without the knowledge of Prabu?” Asked one of the concubines.

“We must be careful because if Prabu finds out about this plan, then we will all perish,” said another concubine.

For a moment, the atmosphere of the meeting became silent. Everyone is thinking hard to find the most appropriate way for their plan to be carried out without the knowledge of Prabu Siliwangi.

“Now I know how,” said another concubine breaking the atmosphere of silence.

“What is your way of doing that?” Asked all the participants in the meeting simultaneously.

“I have an acquaintance of a shaman who is famous for the magic of his black magic. The shaman will definitely want to help us if we give him a big salary, “replied the concubine.

All meeting participants agreed with this method. The next day, the concubines sent a court lady to meet the dukun in her hut in a village that was quite far from the palace. After explaining the purpose of his arrival, the envoy then handed over a number of gold coins to the shaman. Without thinking, the shaman immediately agreed to the request of the concubines.

After the concubine’s messenger returned to the palace, the shaman immediately carried out his duties. With the black knowledge possessed, the dukun bewitched Princess Kandita and her mother with leprosy so that their whole bodies were smooth and clean, ulcers and scent emitted. Prabu Siliwingi was surprised to see that ulcer disease suddenly attacked his daughter and queen at the same time. He immediately invited doctors to treat the disease.

Doctors from various countries were brought in, but no one was able to cure the illness of Princess Kandita and the empress. In fact, the consort’s illness was getting worse and worse and spread a foul odor. His body was getting weaker because he did not want to eat or drink. After a few days later, the empress exhaled his last breath.

The departure of the emperor really left a very deep wound for the entire contents of the palace, especially Prabu Siliwingi. Since then, he always sat pensively by himself. The only hope that can cure her sadness is Princess Kandita. But that hope is only hope because the daughter’s illness will not heal. The situation was not kept secret by concubines and their sons and daughters. They agreed to kill Prabu Siliwangi to immediately expel Princess Kandita from the palace.

“Forgiveness, King Prabu! Allow the Servant to submit a suggestion to your Majesty, “begged a concubine.

“What is your suggestion, O my concubine? Say, “answered Prabu Siliwingi.

“Baginda, Sire. We all already know that Princess Kandita’s current state of illness is getting worse and harder to cure. “If the princess is allowed to continue to live in the palace, I am worried that her illness will bring havoc to this country,” said a concubine.

Initially, Prabu Siliwangi felt heavy to accept the suggestion because it was unfortunately to Putri Kandita. But because the concubines continued to urge him, he reluctantly reluctantly drove away Princess Kandita from the palace. With a broken heart, Princess Kandita left the palace through the palace’s back door. He walked according to where his feet stepped without a definite direction and purpose. After days of walking, Putri Kandita arrived on the south coast. Poor Prabu Siliwingi’s daughter was confused where to go again. In front of him was a wide and deep ocean. Nor could he return to the palace.

“Ah, I’m so tired. I better rest here first, “complained Princess Kandita as she lay down on a rock.

The princess looked so exhausted that in just a few moments she fell asleep. In his sleep, he heard a voice rebuking him.

“O, Princess Kandita! If you want to recover from your illness, plunge into this sea! Surely your skin will recover as before, “said the voice.

Putri Kandita quickly got up after hearing that voice.

“Am I dreaming?” He muttered as he rubbed his eyes three times.

After that, the Princess observed her surroundings, but nobody saw her.

“I heard that voice very clearly. But why aren’t there people around here? Wow, maybe it’s a mess, “he thought.

Believing that voice as a wangsit, Putri Kandita threw herself into the sea. What a miracle! When touching the water, the entire body that is afflicted by leprosy gradually disappears and eventually returns to being smooth and clean as before. Not only that, Prabu Siliwingi’s beloved daughter is also a powerful princess.

Despite recovering from her illness, Princess Kandita was reluctant to return to the palace. He prefers to settle on the beach south of the Pakuan Pajajaran area. Since settling there, he is widely known to various kingdoms in Java as a beautiful and powerful princess. Prince from various kingdoms came to propose to him. Facing the applicants, Putri Kandita proposed a condition that she was willing to be prepared as long as they were able to defeat her supernatural powers, including fighting over the ocean waves in the south of Java. However, if they lose, they must be followers of Princess Kandita.

Of the many princes who collided magic with Princess Kandita, none of them were able to defeat the magic of the Princess. Thus, the applicants eventually became followers of Princess Kandita. Since then, Putri Kandita is known as the Queen of the Ruler of the South Sea of Java Island.


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