Hello everyone here, as I always do I welcome you guys once again to my little world that I always used to share my views about blockchain projects and startups. In this post, the project that I will be sharing with you guys is Followine and I will try all my possible best to summarily share what you guys ought to know about this project. There’s no time to waste, let’s ride on.


Followine is the first ecosystem that aims to fight against the counterfeiting of wine, by using the Blockchain Technology.

Followine is a circuit based on Wine Coin, a Token that provides self-sustainability and inclusiveness to the entire Followine circuit.

Every year counterfeit wine bottles placed on the market and sold reach quite alarming figures, all over the world.

The estimate, direct and indirect, damages to wine world market exceed € 85 billion.

According to the EUIPO study, in Europe alone, confiscated bottles of forged wine has a value of 500 million euros per year.


Followine’s mission is to create a global eco-system that connects wine with the world’s stakeholders and consumers together, encouraging the realization of new international communication and business models and also implement a system where the consumer, simply by scanning QR codes for authentication, receives points that will be converted into Wine Coin. They can use them on the follow marketplace or on e-commerce partners, or they can store them in their wallet and / or convert them to FIAT.

You can earn wine coin simply by scanning Qrcodes, and help us to protect Wine Culture.



The shopper, just by examining QR codes, gets focuses that will be changed over into Wine Coin. They can utilize them on the pursue commercial center or on web based business accomplices, or they can store them in their wallet and/or convert them to FIAT.

Web based business

Web based business, and different accomplices, can utilize Wine Coins to buy Followin administrations, for example, Wine Scanners, or purchase wine from taking an interest makers and/or convert them to Fiat.


Followine hostile to forging administrations; also, he can buy extra administrations in Wine Coin or use them as trade coins on the Followine B2B stage.


Followine Tokens that will be utilized as the foundation of the QR code. Thus, Followine will make the principal circling token among a few partners.

This is the thing that an Utility Token intends to be, for Followine.


The points of interest offered by Followine’s administrations are fluctuated and include all the wine partners.

For Manufacturers

For the time being, producers will have the capacity to depend on more prominent security – on account of the anti counterfeiting system – and on showcasing administrations went for getting and holding clients through the profiling of gathered information and in addition mark authorization and the opportunity to get installments in tax-exempt tokens. In the medium term, nonetheless, makers will profit by an expansion in turnover and an impressive decrease in time and cash for statistical surveying, which will be given by Followine. At last, in a more drawn out time frame, it will be conceivable to see the decrease of hindrances to section in outside business sectors.

For Retailers

In the transient they will have the capacity to make utilization of affirmed items and more prominent buyer certainty; likewise, even retailers, as of now referenced for makers, will have the capacity to get tax-exempt installments. In the medium term, it will be conceivable to pull in new purchasers with the utilization of Wine Coin, because of the faithfulness exercises did by Followine, and utilize a B2B organizing stage imparted to the makers. Additionally for this situation, with respect to makers, the administrations offered by our organization will decide an impressive decrease of time and cash for statistical surveying.

For Consumers

Buyers, the genuine center of our undertaking, they will promptly have the capacity to rely on: security in buys, benefit at each output and direct correspondence with the producer. In the medium term, likewise, they will acknowledge more noteworthy security for online wine buys, limits, and prizes saved for the network – assuming a key job in the battle against forging.

For The Nation

Among the subjects that will profit by Followine’s administrations is the Nation, which in the medium term will have the capacity to depend on a decrease in government spending for examinations concerning duplicating, an expansion in duty incomes and more noteworthy connection with wine world partners, and in addition a more prominent and better assurance of national “Made in”. Over the long haul, the expansion in wine creation, connected to the decrease of the wonder of forging, will bring new occupations.

Followine QR

On account of our free versatile application you can check any QR code extremely quick. To see whether a container of wine is bona fide, essentially check the Followine Each output has a prize, so as to include clients and express gratitude toward them for their commitment to the battle against counterfeiting.Download the Followine application as well. –


There are diverse reasons why Followine chosen to utilize blockchain innovation for the improvement of its task:

Above all else, utilizing the blockchain, we accomplished an abnormal state security standard with ventures that are fundamentally lower than those important for the improvement of an incorporated database that is similarly secure;

Furthermore, the blockchain has enabled us to make a Token, the Wine Coin, the instrument that enables us to put the last shopper at the focal point of our undertaking. The shopper, effectively partaking in the Followine biological community, is the genuine hero: truth be told, each output enables the framework to gather information valuable for expanding its productivity and adequacy;

Once more, an “ensure office” must be super partes, straightforward and with data constantly unmistakable and available to any individual who needs to see it. Most importantly, it is basic that there is no real way to change that data and, to date, the main innovation that ensures the inalterability of information is the blockchain.

Token Sale and ICO Details

Wine Coin is the token created by Followine for the ICO and based on the ERC-20 technology, the same as Ethereum. Given the requirements, the structure and the causes of use, the Wine Coin can be qualified, to all intents and purposes, as utility token. For this reason, in light of the relative regulations, issued by most of the Countries in the world, it is possible to sell it as a mere IT product.


Token NameWineCoin


Token TypeERC-20

Max Decimals3

Max Potential Supply250,000,000

Tokens for Sale135,000,000

Tokens For Sale Pre-ICO15,000,000

Tokens For ICO 120,000,000


Token Price€ 0.10

Token Price Pre-ICO-70%

Token Date SaleDec / 2018

Closing Date28 Mar 2019

ICO Soft Cap€ 1,000,000

Hard Cap ICO€ 12,000,000

Currencies AcceptedETH, BTC

Minimum Payment€ 100.00


54% Crowdsell

25% Mining/validator

8% Bounty & Airdrop

5% Team

5% Advisors

3% Exchange





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