Folowine: Increasingly Conspicuous Purchaser Sureness

Followine and blockchain innovation

The blockchain has enabled us to make a Token, the Wine Coin, the apparatus that enables us to put the last purchaser at the focal point of our undertaking. The shopper, effectively partaking in the Followine biological system, is the genuine hero: actually, each sweep enables the framework to gather information valuable for expanding its productivity and adequacy. Once more, an “ensure office” must be super parties, straightforward and with data constantly unmistakable and open to any individual who needs to see it. Most importantly, it is basic that there is no real way to change that data and, to date, the main innovation that ensures the inalterability of information is the blockchain.

Followine Platform

Followine is the primary biological system that expects to battle against the duplicating of wine, by utilizing the Blockchain Technology. What separates Followine from contenders is an inside and out investigation of the forging wonder. In addition, Followine is a Token that gives self-supportability and comprehensiveness to the whole Followine circuit. Consistently fake wine bottles put available and sold achieve very disturbing figures, everywhere throughout the world. The gauge, immediate and aberrant, harms to wine world market surpass € 85 billion.

The Mission

To make a worldwide eco-framework that associates wine with the world’s partners and buyers together, promising the acknowledgment of new universal correspondence and plans of action.

Highlights of the platform

For Manufacturers

For the present, makers will have the ability to rely upon increasingly unmistakable security – because of the counter forging framework – and on displaying organizations went for getting and holding customers through the profiling of assembled data and furthermore check approval and the chance to get portions in expense absolved tokens. In the medium term, regardless, creators will benefit by a development in turnover and an amazing decline in time and money for factual looking over, which will be given by Followine. Finally, in a progressively drawn out time period, it will be possible to see the decline of obstacles to area in outside business areas.

For Retailers

In the transient they will have the ability to make usage of insisted things and increasingly conspicuous purchaser sureness; in like manner, even retailers, starting at now referenced for producers, will have the ability to get impose absolved portions. In the medium term, it will be possible to pull in new buyers with the use of Wine Coin; in view of the steadfastness practices did by Followine, and use a B2B sorting out stage bestowed to the producers. Also for this circumstance, as for producers, the organizations offered by our association will choose an amazing reduction of time and money for factual studying.

For Consumers

Purchasers, the certifiable focal point of our endeavor, they will immediately have the ability to depend on: security in purchases, advantage at each yield and direct correspondence with the maker. In the medium term, similarly, they will recognize increasingly critical security for online wine purchases, breaking points, and prizes put something aside for the system – accepting a key employment in the fight against fashioning.


The buyer, basically by filtering QR codes, gets focuses that will be changed over into Wine Coin. They can utilize them on the pursue commercial center or on web based business accomplices, or they can store them in their wallet and/or convert them to FIAT.

Internet business

Internet business, and different accomplices, can utilize Wine Coins to buy Followine administrations, for example, Wine Scanners, or purchase wine from taking part makers and/or convert them to Fiat.


Token Name – WineCoin

Symbol – WINE

Token Type – ERC-20

Max Decimals – 3

Max Potential Supply – 250,000,000

Tokens for Sale – 135,000,000

Tokens For Sale Pre-ICO – 15,000,000

Tokens For ICO rooms – 120,000,000

Token Price – € 0.10

Token Price Pre-ICO – -70%

Token Date Sale – Dec / 2018

Closing Date – 28 Mar 2019

ICO Soft Cap – € 1,000,000

Hard Cap ICO – € 12,000,000

Currencies Accepted – ETH, BTC

Minimum Payment – € 100.00

Token Distribution


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