Fondo Countinghouse, tecnologia FOREX applicata alle cripto monete

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency market has shown rapid growth. It has grown more than 10 times compared to the previous year.
Despite such rapid growth, the market continues to grow rapidly. The reason for this is the active introduction of blockchain technology. And every day more and more people are convinced that blockchain technology is the future!

However, many investment companies around the world counteract this rapid development of decentralized crypto-Economics. In turn, the team of the Counting house project intends to actively implement cryptocurrencies in various sectors of the economy, while partners will receive full financial freedom from intermediaries.

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In 2008, three successful traders established DPP (Dawson Pomery Pogacic). Their main activity at the time – trading on the FOREX market. By common means and forces, an algorithm was developed that allowed profits to be made on the movements of the exchange rate, rather than on the prediction of its future changes.
This method of trading was very successful, but the structure of their partnership at the time could not accept third-party investors. Due to the huge interest received from the outside, the hedge Fund Countinghouse was created, which was able to work directly with investors ‘ funds in transactions for the purchase and sale of currency.
Investors ‘ profit reached up to 120% per year.


The main reason for the transition from trading on the Fiat market to trading on the cryptocurrency market was a sharp decrease in the volatility of the Fiat market and an increase in the cryptocurrency market.
This is very clearly seen in the diagram below.
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To make sure that their algorithm works on a new asset, the Countinghouse team decided to conduct an experiment, they allocated $50,000 and invested in the cryptocurrency market.

The experiment lasted for 1 year, and the results were very impressive. It received 631% of profits in cryptocurrencies, against 71% in Fiat.

Thanks to the new development for trading in the cryptocurrency market and the results obtained, the leaders of Countinghouse had the idea to create the world’s first cryptocurrency hedge Fund. Another important reason for the creation of this Fund is a significant reduction in the entry threshold for investors. Cryptocurrency is a very democratic asset, unlike the foreign exchange market, in which only the down payment is $300,000.

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Main objectives of Counting house:
1. Increasing profits for their investors;
2. Risk reduction through mathematical algorithms;
3. Complete privacy for investors.

It is worth noting that the entire capital of the investor immediately enters the accounts of the Fund. This is due to the fact that 90% of the Fund’s business infrastructure can immediately switch to trading on the cryptocurrency market.

Each client of the Fund can easily manage their investments. Sell and buy in any quantity, which can not be said when working with traditional funds.


Risks are an integral part of the foreign exchange market.
They are the main obstacle to successful transactions. It should be understood that proper risk management is the key to successful work and the result of trading on the stock exchange. The project experts Countinghouse believe that the lack of restrictions when making exchange transactions are very important to the successful operation of the Fund. Due to mathematical algorithms, the Fund works as a whole. The main purpose of these algorithms is to create a single security network.


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In total, Countinghouse will issue 50 000 000 CHT tokens.
The initial cost of the tokens is 1 ETH = 1 000 CHT.
The tokens correspond to the standard ERC 20 and placed on the platform Ethereum.
The ICO will run from 3 April to 12 June 2018.


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As mentioned earlier, the Fund was founded by three successful traders, who are currently project managers:

  • Tim Dawson is a Director and analyst of the project. He has extensive experience in programming, computer science and mathematics. Engaged in the development of three-dimensional mathematical algorithms;
  • Mike Pomery – holds the position of chief operating officer. Key skills-has extensive experience in stock trading, research, statistics and psychology;
  • Steve Pogacic is a Real-World ethics Manager. Specializes in the analysis of the offered investments;
  • Elizabeth Simons – HR Manager. He is the newest member of the team and is responsible for creating a team for the reliable operation of the Fund.


Due to the huge pace of development of the cryptocurrency sphere, I can assume that the Counting house project will be in demand all over the world. I think it is quite interesting and promising for several reasons:
This is the first investment Fund that works directly with cryptocurrencies. The client does not need to trade on the stock exchange, all transactions are made by experts. The Fund has already been able to show a fairly high profit – 600%. And most importantly, the Fund team consists of professional traders with 10 years of experience!

To understand all aspects of the project in more detail, I recommend you to study all the necessary materials by following these links:



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