The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest apparatus on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a huge base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is FOOOZ, the primary “ERC20-clever, tokenizing savvy contract on the unified trusted Ethereum organize, that intended to set up a stable computerized cash secured by effective growing insurance assets secured in an open wallet.

Foooz Coin

FOOOZ is the main “ER020-clever, tokenizing shrewd contract on the brought together trusted Ethereum organize, that intended to set up a stable advanced cash secured by intense extending insurance assets secured in an open wallet. Featuring the imaginative Proof Of Assets (P.O.A) joined with a Pm-set After Sale Offer (P.A.S.0) rationale. It is extraordinary plan of action of constrained supply with auto-scattering of extra coins. Also, advantage on each pre-set deal event, and offer of 100% of mining returns among token holders raising a trademark ask for on coin, a persisting advancement of Its regard, and sparing high estimation of token in the market.

Foooz Token Business Core

The main ejected coins will be reinvested again in mining to expand the hashing energy of coin emission, enables FOOOZ TOKEN to achieve the group subsidizing objective as quick conceivable. Furthermore, when the bolted security come to a specific pre-set parameter identified with the market top of the FOOOZ TOKEN and estimation of bolted insurance , a restricted measure of 25% of non-sold coins in ICO will be offered available to be purchased according to advertise file. The deal cost will be dispersed bt. a reward to financial specialists , more capital put resources into mining offices and more insurance.

FOOOZ TOKEN comprehends the instability and high points and low points of coins cost by adopting an imaginative and direct strategy through making boundless coins stores into an open bolted wallet through putting all the ICO brought subsidize up in running 5 mining homesteads to make an interminable stream or emitted coins kept into the FOOOZ TOKEN bolted wallet. Broadening the token insurance coins between the different best 10 coins permits to proceed up surge the FOOOZ TOKEN value regardless of which coin is up and which is down.

Advantages for Investors


Long haul and Short Term Profits

To help most of the financial specialists to hang on the FOOOZ money, speculators will get 25% of emitted coins as a reward all the time to urge speculators not to offer the FOOOZ coin to make a popularity available.


Strength and Profitability

A definitive objective of FOOOZ TOKEN is to offer a wide cluster of benefits from digital currency to the financial specialists.

Our customers both corporate and people can profit by putting resources into the FOOOZ TOKEN in long and here and now. The went down by security FOOOZ TOKEN offers an exceptionally uncommon chance to capitals to become quicker and gain higher returns.


It plans to present a steady coin in an unstable cryptographic money market to take care of issue of the ascents and falls of coin value, in this way making it sufficient for ordinary use; by sending a moved down by guarantee resources coins plan of action; not just makes utilization of a decentralized way to deal with take out value unpredictability.

Yet in addition, influences an enduring increment in coin face to an incentive through constant saving of mined coins in the coins open wallet , and controlling discharged measure of token in the market. The FOOOZ plans of action urges speculators to stake FOOOZ tokens by appropriating extra coins in each pre-set after ICO deal mining benefits among them, making an expanding request on coin to rise its incentive on exchange advertise while picking up a relentless wage from putting resources into FOOOZ TOKEN.

Income Distribution

FOOOZ token stipends token holders to get 100% of the profit of FOOOZ working mining ranches ; where :

25% Paid out to speculators in a general premise. half reinvested in boosting hash energy to expand future payouts and emitted coins.

25% spared as a secured guarantee covers FOOOZ TOKEN incentive in the exchange advertise.

ICO Information

Tokens ICO begins : On March 31 st. , 2018. what’s more, will be token offered for 60 days.


The offering is open. : ICO is open and for everybody with the exception of those confined by low from joining ICOs.

Token Issue Volume : Max. 613,333,328 millions (TOKEN LIMITED TO THAT NO. )

Non appropriated tokens: Shall be spared in savvy contract for Pre-set After Sale Offer (PA.S.0 )

Token Price at Issue 25 USD

Distribution** 75% token holders ** 20% organizer group ** 4% abundance program ** 1% Pre-ICO

Acknowledged type of installment BTC, ETH, charge cards

In the occasion the ICO raises an aggregate sum of under $1 m. the utilization of continues will move from 00% putting resources into mining towards 75% mining and 25% showcasing effort towards a 2″, round fruitful ICO.

Coin Distribution

Pre-ICO : 61,333,332 Coin

Developers : 122,666,665.6 Coin

Bounty: 24,533,333.12 Coin

ICO : 404,799,997.3 Coin



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