FOOOZ COIN – The First Coin Packed with Collateral

FOOOZ is the first “ER020- intelligent, tokenizing smart contract on the centralized trusted Ethereum network, that meant to establish a stable digital currency secured by powerful expanding collateral resources secured in a public wallet. Highlighting the innovative Proof Of Assets (P.O.A) joined with a Pm-set After Sale Offer (P.A.S.0) logic. It is unique business model of limited supply with auto-dispersion of bonus coins. And benefit on each pre-set sale occasion, and share of 100% of mining returns among token holders raising a characteristic request on coin, an enduring development of Its esteem, and saving high value of token in the market.


  • Volatility of currency

Currency which is not asset -backed value , its’ seen as , has no solid ground or reliability in market, for that, it is has a less intrinsic value, and often see volatility and fall drops in price. 

  • Mining difficulty

Increasing mining difficulties rising costs of equipment upgrading, for example the graphics cards and ASIC miners price has shown more than 100% increase last few months, and made it harder for home miners to continue mining profitably.

  • No guaranteed returns

None of the current currencies provide a guaranteed returns to currency holders, leaving investment to market decision , make it riskier, and stopping big number of investors to get involved.


“FOOOZ TOKEN” aims to introduce a stable coin in a volatile cryptocurrency market to solve problem of the rises and falls of coin price, thus making it good enough for everyday use ; by deploying a backed up by collateral assets coins business model; not only makes use of a decentralized approach to eliminate price volatility. But also , makes a steady increase in coin face value through continuous depositing of mined coins in the coins’ public wallet , and controlling released amount of token in the market. The FOOOZ business models encourages investors to stake FOOOZ tokens by distributing bonus coins in every pre-set after ICO sale mining profits among them, creating an increasing demand on coin to rise its value on trade market while gaining a steady income from investing in FOOOZ TOKEN.

FOOOZ TOKEN solves thе vоlаtіlіtу аnd uрѕ аnd dоwnѕ оf соіnѕ рrісе bу tаkіng аn innovative and direct approach thrоugh creating unlіmіtеd соіnѕ dероѕіtѕ іntо a рublіс lосkеd wаllеt thrоugh іnvеѕtіng all thе ICO rаіѕеd fund іn runnіng 5 mіnіng fаrmѕ to create аn endless ѕtrеаm оr еruрtеd соіnѕ deposited into the FOOOZ TOKEN lосkеd wallet. Diversifying the tоkеn соllаtеrаl соіnѕ between thе various top 10 соіnѕ allows to соntіnuе up ѕurgе thе FOOOZ TOKEN рrісе nо mаttеr which соіn is up аnd whісh іѕ dоwn.


  • Stаbіlіtу and Profitability

The ultimate gоаl of FOOOZ TOKEN is tо оffеr a wide array оf рrоfіtѕ frоm cryptocurrency to thе investors.

Our сlіеntѕ both corporate аnd іndіvіduаlѕ саn benefit frоm іnvеѕtіng іn thе FOOOZ TOKEN іn lоng and ѕhоrt term. Thе bасkеd up bу collateral FOOOZ TOKEN оffеrѕ a vеrу rаrе орроrtunіtу tо capitals to grоw faster аnd еаrn higher rеturnѕ.


  • Stability of principal

FOOOZ token assets allocated in different cryptocurrencies to diversify token portfolio , and reduce the overall risk of a single currency assets investment or single investment strategy weighted heavily in the coin market. Compared to fixed income securities such as corporate bonds, preferred company stocks and certificates of deposit ; FOOOZ are more stable than pure equity holdings, taken the assumption of continues cryptocurrencies market increases in price and in demand as expected by most of the economist world wide. Furthermore fixed income securities do not provide a great potential for upside return through capital appreciation or the opportunity to outpace inflation, investing through FOOOZ offers some unique advantages over growth investing through constant increase in principle and face value.

  • Steady income stream

In addition to the benefit of principle stability that is increasing over the time, the steady income stream provides investors with a passive constant profits and bonus coins distribution ,in addition to the raisin token value . All pay steady profit creating a consistent and increasing in amount cash inflow to investors. These benefits are most likely to happen scenario with cryptocurrencies expansion and number of users grow every minute and increasing demand on different coins . FOOOZ Token are the first likely to default on interest of investors to stake for long time and not to cash out. This feature of generated income is particularly attractive to investors with desire to acquire good return without carrying market volatility risk on their investments.


  • Guaranteed returns

25% of mining rewards will be distributed to coin holders , and with set system of reinvestment 50% of the mining productions in mining activities combined with the rise of the coins price in the market , the distributed return will increase time after time.

  • Lower risk

The nature of the coin means that investors will not expose their investments to a single coin , rather that investing in less risk raising value top 10 coins combined with physical gold cover.

  • Increase in value

Holders will benefit from bonus coins distributed on every event of Pre-set After Sale Offer to token holders, also the collateral assets cover the coin and the distributed 25% of mining returns among the investors, will make FOOOZ a preferable coin to keep and, creats a high demand that will increase its value in the market fast.

ICO Information

  • Start: March 31 st. , 2018, Saturday, 00:00 AM (GMT)
  • Soft cap: $1 m
  • Hard cap: $100 m
  • Token Symbol: FOOOZ
  • Exchange rate: 1 FOOOZ = 0.25 cents
  • Total number of tokens: 613,333,328
  • Accepted form of payment: BTC, ETH, credit cards

Token Distribution

  • 75% token holders
  • 20% founder team
  • 4% bounty program
  • 1% Pre-ICO


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