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Hello, my dear readers, you are welcome to yet another edition of my article reviews. Just like I have taken it upon myself to provide the most important information’s in my article reviews, today, I will be giving out a brief overview of a platform known as foresting.

It might sound trite, but our world is constantly changing, and the internet has gained more influence in every aspect of our life.
Ever since the introduction of the internet to the ecosystem of the world, quite a lot of concept has also been established ranging from online exchange, online banking and social media platforms.

Currently, the number of daily online users has gone from thousands to billions. more than 3 billion people are engaged on social networks and the total content generated on social platform is estimated to worth billions of dollars.
This success was made possible by this social network users through their contributions while posting, sharing and liking posts but sadly these values generated by social network users is enjoyed by platform owners and shareholders. The content creators (users) do not get compensated in return for their innermost contributions in making these platforms a success and effectively running. I must say this is greedy and unfair if you would sincerely agree with me.
The already existing platform has less concern for the well-being of their users and this has been lingering for a very long time now. In addition, the already existing social media platform are built on a centralized structure which at times results in personal data leakage.

To tackle these errors, a team of experienced professionals established a platform popularly known as FORESTING to automatically breaks the existing traditional platform inequitable and unjust system by initiating a fair and friendly environment for users utilizing the blockchain technology. The foresting network is giving back ownership to social media platform users by providing a fair value distributing system for its users.

Foresting overview

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Foresting is simply a social media platform built on the blockchain which deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms. The platform Is initiating a good value distribution system for users. These users are the true owners of the social media platform because they are seen as the driving force to the success of the effective running of social media platforms.

Foresting solutions

Device optimization
All sorts of contents
Content blind and deletion
User-oriented UI
General user-oriented category composition

Foresting blockchain based services

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• Platform users will have the access to digital banking services. The foresting bank is a visual bank which will be responsible for providing financial services to content creators.

• The foresting platform to will be empowered for communication and sharing of information.

• The foresting platform will be uniquely designed with a lab to support content creators and the community in general. Sounds good right?

These unique services will have their vast functions to ensure the smooth running of the foresting platform.

foresting features

• P2P transactions which are based on super and master nodes
• Support for content creators

• Real-time trading function

• DPoS consensus algorithm

• Content review and ratings

• Financial services

• Open advertising market

Token overview

PTON is a coin which will be utilized in FORESTING.
The reward of participants that contribute to FORESTING will be determined by the market value of PTON. The PTON Token will ensure individuals who contribute to FORESTING benefit from the app
Token features
1. Symbol: PTON
2. Base: ethereum
3. Max supply: 24 billion PTONs

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Personally, I believe Foresting will be a game-changer and will encourage more significance in the content creation spheres. I, therefore, urge everyone to be a part of this amazing technological innovative movement.

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