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In recent years, social networks and media have gained immense popularity. As of today, about 3 billion people use social networks every day to post content, posts, and get information. Social networks are of great importance in our lives, thanks to them people can receive timely news about one or another event, freely Express their thoughts and much more. Through social networks in countries where all media is controlled by the government, people can get objective data instead of distorted information.

However, do not forget that social networks have received their high popularity largely due to users who create interesting content that attracts other people. At the same time, today such users do not have a decent reward for creating videos and posting news. Most of the profits from traffic are taken by the owners of social networks.

Another problem of social networks is their high vulnerability to cybercriminal attacks. A striking example of this is the loss of the social network Facebook personal data of customers that can be used by scammers for profit.

The social network of the new generation based on Blockchain – FORESTING technology will allow to correct the situation.

Project objective

The main goal of FORESTING developers is to create a social network with the maximum level of protection against cybercriminals, which allows to receive income from the placement of information. Another goal is to avoid advertising with recommended products and services to preserve the maximum quality of content and convenience of social networks.


Principle of operation

Social network FORESTING will have 3 main divisions that perform the following functions:

  • FORESTINGa service that provides a reward for posting content;
  • FORESTING Bank is a service providing digital banking services and credit rating assessment;
  • FORESTING Labs is a service that provides support to content developers and helps to improve the posted videos and posts.


Unlike traditional social media, content developers on the FORESTING social network may no longer rely on advertisers and subscriber support. They will be able to receive income from ordinary marks «Like». Moreover, if desired, they will be able to encourage the most active commentators, putting a mark «Like» near the liked comment. In other words, the income from content placement will depend not on traffic, as in ordinary social networks, but on the number of positive ratings. This, in turn, stimulates the creation of a large number of high-quality kittens and will attract the attention of not only the creators of videos and texts, but also ordinary users.

Within this network, you will be able to place video files, music tracks, as well as images and texts.

The social network FORESTING will be focused on the convenience and protection of personal data of customers. To implement this task, the developers plan to create an intuitive interface and multiple functions that protect comments and other personal information from public viewing.

The main distinguishing feature of FORESTING is the service of FORESTING Bank, which provides banking services to customers, users and content developers. Thanks to this service, bloggers and other content creators who are unable to obtain loans from ordinary banks to purchase the necessary equipment due to their lack of official work or a permanent source of income will be able to receive loans based on the rating of their activities.


The main financial means used in this network will be PTON tokens, which can be purchased during the ICO, as well as earn by posting interesting content and comments.

Dates and details of the ICO

The creators of the project intend to release 24 billion PTON, of which 9.6 billion PTON will be sold. Cost 1 coin PTON in pre-sales will be 0,00002 ETH, and during the public sales – 0,00003 ETH.

As payment accept only tokens ETH.

Information on the dates of pre-sales and public sales is temporarily unavailable.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:



Creating a social network based on blockchain Technology is a pretty good idea. This project can attract billions of users due to the high level of protection and fair distribution of profits. Thanks to FORESTING bloggers will no longer need to distribute annoying ads, and users – to watch it.

The social network FORESTING is a project of the future, which is worthy of investors ‘ attention.

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