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About Foresting

Foresting makes it possible for content creators from all over the world to get rewarded. The concept of this new social media token can turn your content into a currency. Foresting is based on the creation of bitcoin and a philosophy shared by Satoshi Nakamoto and John Rawls on a more fair society. Accordingly, the Foresting network solves the asymmetry of the information that is prevalent in our society, pursues fair contracts, distributes them according to their ability, and shares active contributions with one another. Foresting is a blockchain based social media platform that deviates from the distribution system of traditional social media platforms. It provides a fair value distribution system for users who are the true owners of the platform. They deliver content through blockchain technologies and contribute to platforms in a variety of forms.

Foresting Network

The Foresting network consists of the following blockchain-based services:

  • Social media platform to communicate and share information
  • Digital banking services for Foresting participants
  • A lab to support the Foresting community and content creators.
    Each of the three services is separated into their respective functions and roles to fulfill the core values of the Foresting network.

Roles and Structures of Foresting

Foresting is available to anyone without prior knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Anyone in the world can easily profit from Foresting, and just being active within the platform is rewarded with PTON.

Foresting, a new concept of social media, distributes the revenue generated by the content to all users who contribute to it. In Foresting, content creators no longer have to rely on the funds from followers and advertisers. Instead, users can benefit economically just by getting ‘Likes’ through the use of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency. Blockchain technologies enable users to support content creators without losing anything, and users can also tap on incentives to post comments to other content creators or to ‘Like’ them

FORESTING Contents Reward Mechanism

Core Features

Ⅰ. User-Friendly UX/UI

As a blockchain based social media service, FORESTING’s goal is to provide users with an easy and convenient service, like on traditional social media platforms, while also providing real-time measurements and transactions of their content values. The platform also aims to provide a service that is intuitive to users, rather than a service that requires them to be aware of difficult concepts, like blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. For this purpose, we will provide a service equipped with the best UX/UI. In addition, the platform supports voluntary activities such as registering, withdrawing, and deleting posts. For content providers, ‘Protection of Deletion and Personalization’ and hiding options are available for posts that users don’t want to be publicly viewable.

Ⅱ. Device Optimization

Foresting is offering a new ecosystem that integrates people’s lifestyles and income into a single mobile app. This makes it easy for FORESTING users to share and influence their content anytime, anywhere. FORESTING will be designed for the users to share text, images, and videos easily. People can comfortably write comments, send messages, and navigate chronological feeds. The content of Foresting can spread rapidly across the public. It is uploaded and shared live, and will be a unique source of social media like Facebook and Instagram, which have seen hundreds of millions of viral downloads over the years.

Ⅲ. Major Categories for Social Media

Most of the social media related to the blockchain, including Steemit, is focused on specific categories such as blockchain, ICO, and Cryptocurrency. Given the concentration of specific categories, and only having about 1 million users, Steemit is more like a community service, rather than a real social media platform like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, that all have more than a billion users. In order to be a real social media platform, rather than a community platform, Foresting is focused on major categories, ranging from lifestyle to beauty, entertainment, and so on.

Ⅳ. Supports all forms of content

Foresting provides users with the best security and privacy system possible, using blockchain technologies. One of the key components of blockchain technology is that it does not have a broker. The block is processed into a block after the encryption process, including the transaction details, transaction summary, and block information from the previous transaction. The encrypted block contains a full list of transactions and blocks until the last minute, making it look like a chain

Token PTON

Token Symbol: PTON

Base: Ethereum

Standard: ERC-20

Price in preICO: 1 ETH = 50,000 PTONs

Price in ICO: 0.0068 USD

Token Distribution

Foresting Roadmap

Foresting Team

David Kim (Founder)

David Kim is an M&A investment specialist and business architecture specialist and accelerating companies in diverse.

Daniel Eom (CEO, Co-Founder)

Daniel Eom is the Co-founder and CEO of Foresting. After graduating from California State University, Los Angeles with..

Jimmy Kim (Co-Founder)

Jimmy Kim is the Co-founder of Foresting who is also the CEO of 500V2 and Startup Radar, a global tech media company with..

TJ Park (Co-Founder)

TJ graduated from Ohio State University with Communication major. He started his career at North America Strategic Dept…

David Lee (Chief Strategy Officer)

David is the CEO & Co-founder of DeCentre. He is a consultant for cryptocurand he was the Operation Director of Hdac project.

Woon Hee Lee (Chief Technical Officer)

Woon Hee Lee is the head of Gener Crypto, a professional firm that uses blockchain technology for business.

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Bitcointalk username: Gulaa1885

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