FORESTING: The Brand New Mobile Social Media Service Based On Blockchain Technology.

Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the biggest social media platform and  Foresting aspires to be. Today we can get faster news on Social Media than on any major news network.

Within the social media platform, user produced content made billions of dollars and was naturally distributed among the platform’s operators and their shareholders. They would not be the place they are today if not for the actual interaction of the users who contributed to the platform’s growth through engagements and shared contents.

Making a profit is the goal of every company, so there is no reason why business model should be criticized.

However, the biggest problem is that most content platform providers use customer database to earn advertising revenue. Instead of the content itself generating the primary revenue, the platform acts as an intermediary for advertisers, and advertisers are eager to collect the user database to increase the proficiency and viability of targeted advertising by advertisers and advertising agencies.

As opposed to pursuing a profit-focused platform, FORESTING will create a content-centered platform that generates direct content revenue.

FORESTING is another  new generation social media platform that rewards content creators for their time and creativity by using blockchain technology.  The goal of the Foresting  project is to solves the asymmetry of the information that is prevalent in our society, pursues fair contracts, distributes them according to their ability, and shares active contributions with one another..

FORESTING is intended to build a network by distributing income though reasonable content generation and on the assessment of the users’ content. It supports all types of content, regardless of whether it is text, images, videos, audio, or live broadcasting, and provides a social network based on a content-oriented rewarding service.

The idea of creating the project was in the early 2018 with the vision of giving back to users and is based on the creation of bitcoin and a philosophy shared by Satoshi Nakamoto and John Rawls on a more fair society. The platform  will make a new ecosystem for social media through blockchain technology and a new concept of social media token operation.

FORESTING is accessible to anyone without prior knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Anyone in the world can easily profit from FORESTING, and just being active within the platform is rewarded with PTON.

FORESTING Network will bring about a value shift of ‘labor’ in the existing society. It will be completed with the blockchain based rewarding social media and innovative financial services to fully support content creators.

Foresting, philosophy is based on 3 key elements of the Foresting Network;

  1. FORESTING SOCIAL NETWORK SERVICES – a fair reward distribution system for content creators through blockchain
  2. FORESTING LAB – innovative working space for content creators
  3. FORESTING BANK –  ‘Foresting Bank’ is a digital bank for content creators and curators alike.

1) ‘FORESTING’: Blockchain based rewarding Social media

2) ‘FORESTING Bank’:

Financial services for FORESTING Network participants

3) ‘FORESTING Lab’:Providing infrastructure and supporting content creators

4) Providing credit rating information

5) Financial services

6) Using infrastructure and creating better contents

  1. Real-time Trade Function through Embedded Exchange -Provide real-time trading function by embedding major exchanges around the world
  2. Master Node-based P2P Transaction-Minimum of 10 coin openings per user (RPC module provided for each coin access)
  3. Content Creator Sponsor Feature- Popular content is rewarded with real currency rather than plain likes
  4. Open Market -Advertising-Shedding the target/retarget ads that are centered around the advertisers and platform operator.

FORESTING Network will be based on PTON Token; an ethereum coin that is built on ERC-20. The majority of the token’s 24-Bn PTON issue will be for sale, while the rest will be distributed throughout the ecosystem.


The founding members with creative and innovative minds that will change the world along with the team who are dedicated to support and provide a world changing service for their users.

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