Forever Has Fallen Blockchain Gamification with a Blockbuster Story

Forever Has Fallen is a global transmedia game, with an online/offline economy to utilise Forever Coin utility tokens; underpinned by a business model for generating multiple sources of revenues, including FIAT currencies. The strategic use of the total token supply enables funding to complete the game and to provide support for the utility token when the game is launched.
The game token sale event offers 35% of the total token supply at 1ETH = 10,000 Forever Coin (FC), for a soft cap of 2,800ETH and a hard cap of 35,000ETH. Purchasing the game token provides player rights and privileges in the game. The funds generated will complete the global experience-game, along with marketing towards gamers in an uncontested market space.

Blockchain delivers a new gaming experience and becomes a ledger for player status, achievements and digital goods. Smart Contracts enable rewards for players who contribute, build and recruit for the game, which in turn offers exceptional levels of scalability for creating game experiences and marketing. In this respect, this is a rare token sale. Buyers of the token can also be active members of the community to influence the popularity for their tokens, along with other digital goods.

Game token sale:
Hard cap: 35,000ETH
1 ETH = 10,000FC
Business requirement: 1 ETH = AUD$275 for funding of $9,600,000 (Funding for 2 years with zero revenues)

Advantages of the Forever Coin token sale
The Forever Has Fallen experience uses Forever Coin tokens to create, grow and participate in a global community, captivated by a game utilising its own token, with a stake in ensuring the stability and growth of the token.
The advantages include:
• The model is easy to understand. A thrilling story, told across multiple platforms (streaming content, web, social, email, SMS) for total player immersion
creates a community who buy, earn and use tokens underpinned by blockchain.
• Being entertainment/game based, the risks are very low and can be judged quickly by prospective buyers, simply by reviewing the existing materials and marketing strategy.
• Minimal technology risks. There are no complex technologies or large development teams required. The innovation lies in the model.
• Protection against aggressive speculation because token buyers will also typically be community members, playing the game, watching the content and growing the community.
• Long-term confidence in token stability and growth is driven by the community, who utilise the token in the game to pay for services, experiences and status

Business model:
Think two staged rocket for our token allocation which leads to creating a valuable utility token. Stage 1 is only 35% of token supply for the traditional token buyer, which delivers the boost for Stage 2. Stage 2 is post initial token sales, with 45% of the tokens earmarked for the community who will play the game, so that we grow the game.
The founding team have a two year lock to ensure that the game is delivered within 12 months, and then they have another 12 months to provide one of the most addictive gaming experiences possible before they can receive their tokens. Naturally at the end of this period, the team want to have a token which is in high demand.


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