Despite the General decline in the value of cryptocurrencies, the market is alive and very promising. Many of the projects at this point in time upgrading the already established system of life, including modern blockchain technology. This, in turn, forms a logical sequence of actions that would allow you to quickly convert one digital currency to another.

However, there are a number of problems that hinder various payment transactions. After all, all that an ordinary cryptocurrency user wants to do is to be able to quickly convert his Fiat currency into crypto and Vice versa. Unfortunately, only exchanges can help him in this matter, since modern banks are not yet adapted to this type of relationship. Therefore, the user has no other choice but to register in any existing exchange and adjust to its conditions.

It would seem that the exchanges are doing everything possible to provide us with some convenience and advantages, but is it really so?! After all, most of them are not able to perform any actions under certain conditions. For example, very often you can find a situation when at the time of a large growth or decline of any coins you do not have the ability to quickly sell or buy the required number of coins you need, because the exchange simply does not allow you to do this. Another common problem is the unbalanced demand for some individual crypto-coins and their significant difference in price, which varies from the volume of the transaction to the big, then to the smaller side and so on.

To solve all these problems offers a project that was developed by a team of specialists whose experience is not one year of work in this direction and most importantly, they clearly know what needs to be done to make everything work like clockwork.

About the project

The project which will be discussed today is called – FortFC. Its main mission is to provide its users with a smooth, highly liquid transaction, both when exchanging Fiat for cryptocurrency and Vice versa.

To do this, the founding team has developed its decentralized platform, which includes all the necessary functions and tools with which the user can finally get rid of all the above problems.

Design feature

First, the user will no longer have to register on a huge number of exchanges to find the best price for their exchange every time, and he will not have to pay for his new registration every time. Because FortFC offers one-time registration on Its platform, thanks to which you will get unlimited access to all existing exchanges. Secondly, due to the physical delivery of Fiat through the crypto exchange, the user gets a unique opportunity to purchase a particular cryptocurrency at the best price. Third, within the framework of FortFC, margin trading will also be available with the help of which the user will be able to learn how to manage their capitals and invest them in the right directions.

In addition to all this, FortFC will provide its users with technical support, so that those with the slightest question could quickly get feedback and not lose too much time on the analysis of a particular issue. Moreover, FortFC service is able to provide both FIX and REST connections, which together with modern terminals, contribute to a faster exchange of cryptocurrencies.


As its growth, the developers intend to enter into partnership agreements with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges to provide its users with maximum liquidity. At the same time, the team of developers before starting the development of their project carried out a comparative characteristic with existing competitors and came to the conclusion that their advantages are obvious, so the market will accept this offer with great pleasure.

Below is a comparative description where you can personally evaluate all of these items:

Moreover, this service will be very relevant for everyone: traders and brokers, crypto-exchanges and exchangers, stock brokers and other hedge funds, crypto-banks and other online services accepting cryptocurrencies. Each of them can already appreciate the principle of FortFC operation and test all Its tools in practice, since the platform already has a trial version 1.0 available for testing.

The details of the ICO

Since FortFC is a project founded under the guidance of FFSholding, its development began long ago and without the participation of ICO. Nevertheless, the developers decided to hold an ICO in order to raise the necessary capital to accelerate all the processes of growth and optimization of the project itself.

The token itself will have the same name as (FortFC), which will avoid any confusion or confusion. During the ICO, the founders identified as many as 5 financial strategies regarding the amounts that they will be able to attract in the course of public sales. If they fail to collect even Soft Cap, all invested funds will be returned to all ICO participants. If they collect Hard Cap in the amount of 25 million EUR, this amount will allow to consolidate the project in the leading position, as well as to apply all their strategies for further development.

The distribution of tokens is as follows:



Given the need for such tools, it is foolish to deny an opportunity that itself seeks to solve a number of existing problems. I am pleased to see such ambitious ideas that want to bring together several market participants, while giving them all the necessary high-performance tools for high-quality and highly liquid trade.

Of course, to take a deeper look at the draft of my short review is not enough, so I recommend you to study all its technical documentation yourself. Moreover, it is available in several languages. Moreover, it gradually reveals all the powers and advantages of the FortFC system for each participant of the crypto-currency market.

Links to all the official resources of the project, you will find at the end of the article. That’s all, good luck!

Official resources of the project FortFC:



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