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Forty-Seven Bank is an innovative platform which is bringing forth new ideas and opportunities for the cryptocurrency banking industry. This bank is based around the modern concept that users of new cryptocurrencies and also those who possess regular fiat currency can use the same place for the banking purposes, such as making accounts in which to store such currency. The Forty-Seven banking platform will be able to support any kind of money, be it paper or digital.


Forty Seven Bank is to create innovative, flexible and open Application Platform for financial technology developers, who will be able to operate under the roof of Forty Seven Bank, having access to banks infrastructure and customer base. We will give opportunity to developers with small or medium capital to create white label applications which will be able to compete with traditional banks. Our Bank as a Service solution will disrupt financial sector of the European Union by reducing barriers to entry the fintech market.

The team running the platform is made up of the most highly qualified specialists who have immense expertise in banking, finance, and IT services. These specialists are considered respected and are pros at anything to do with the platform such as the development of electronic financial institutions as well as payment systems.

The platform itself has promised to provide the best possible, reliable, and inventive services in all areas of their services and products. The Forty-Seven platform has founded their platform with the help of their three main moral goals which are relevance, convenience, and security. They effortlessly are able to cater equally to any sort of client be they businesses and developers, to individual traders and even the government.

The Forty-Seven cryptocurrency banking site itself is built with and holds some of the most top rated inventive technologies that can be accessed in this day and age. The technologies that they have deployed are those such as machine learning, biometrics, block chain, and smart contracts. Forty-Seven Bank has successfully managed to incorporate the old and the new features of banks with the help of technologies such as these. Cryptocurrency and fiat currencies can both be merged into their banking system because of this.

Bank Anywhere is one of the mottos of the digital banking nowadays. It means that the banks have to be easy and simple being accessed by the clients. The clients or customers are able to get the information easily with any media. The clients are able to make any transactions without going to the Bank.

Forty-seven Bank is ready to be the bank with ease and simple access. This bank is a bank with modern technologies. Forty-seven Bank is a digital bank that represents an end-to-end platform. Forty-seven Bank services are delivered over the internet. The advantages of the internet banking or mobile banking of Forty-seven Bank is providing more convenient and faster banking services. So, the clients’ satisfaction in services is the priority for Forty-seven Bank. Here, the clients are able to make any transaction without going to the Bank. They are also able to access the bank services anywhere only by using their mobile phone.

Tools and services for external developers
Opportunity to provide Forty Seven banking services under your own brand (white label)
API access that allows the development and implementation of modern financial services based on Forty Seven infrastructure and processes
Holding DevDays conferences for independent developers
A showcase of financial applications using Forty Seven API

ICO Information
The main ICO began on December 16, 2017 and will end on March 31, 2018. There are a total of 9,957,446 FSBT Forty Seven Bank tokens (FSBT) available during the ICO, representing 90 %% of the total FSBT supply. A hard cap of 36,000 ETH is set for this period.

0.00393 ETH = 1 FSBT token

Current accepted currencies for Forty Seven Bank include ETH, BTC, USD, EUR, and GBP.

Forty Seven Bank is an ERC-20 token. Contributors can send ETH and BTC from anywhere to the address they will see in their personal cabinet on the website. However, they will have to specify the valid ETH address that is compatible with ERC-20 tokens in their personal cabinet. Tokens will be sent to the address specified in the cabinet, not the one from which ETH has been received.

Tokens Distribution Information
There are a total of 11,063,829 FSBT FSBT tokens being created, with 9,957,446 FSBT available during main ICO.

Tokens are sent within 48 hours after contribution. Visit the Forty Seven Bank website for more information and the contribution address.


90%: ICO
5%: Bounties
5%: Founders

Use of ICO Proceeds
“Depends on the total amount raised. It is not correct to divide the funds in percentage terms.
For example, software development costs as much as it costs, and it does not matter how much money you raise.

Or marketing – if we say we will spend 15% on marketing. If we raised 10 mln EUR, we will spend 1.5 million EUR on marketing. But if we raised 100 million EUR, we would spend 15 million EUR on marketing – it is too much and is inadequate. So, costs in percentage of amount raised is not correct correct estimation. ”






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