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We need to know the mission of FORTY SEVEN Bank is to create an innovative, flexible and open Application Platform for financial technology developers, which will be able to operate under the roof of Forty Seven Bank, have access to bank infrastructure and customer base. We will allow developers with small or medium capital to create white label applications that will compete with traditional banks. Our World Bank Solution as a Service (BaaS) will disrupt the EU’s financial sector by reducing the entry barriers of the fintech market.
This platform provides several banking services for both companies and individuals. This system is used to perform its functions based on normative documentation. The goal is GETTING Crypto currency. This platform will greatly simplify the process of investment, purchase, sale, exchange.
Forty-Seven Banks give partners the opportunity to use innovative products, called Multy-Asset Accounts. With his help, access rights to all storage and bank accounts were granted.
Products manufactured by the company
Customers of the European Economic Union Forty Seven Bank offer multicurrency and multi-currency cards. With their help and through online internet or mobile apps, it is possible to manage accounts performed in one of the banks operating in the EU region. Calculations, conversions, crypto-currency operations, credit card payments are made at the place the card is received, and also at the ATM.
The interface created in accordance with the PSD2 command is perfect for account plants.
The new standard, to be introduced on the thirteenth day of January two thousand and eighteen years, will make it possible to manage from one point, as it usually opens in one of the European banks. It is only necessary to display the number, confirm that access to it. Once this condition is met, access to all services provided by Forty Seven Bank will be opened.
Authorization and Nearby. The basic implementation is a set of data, including biometric data.
Become a bank partner of all people who come to this site and download the app. The person is instantly in real time. And no need to visit the bank’s website. Once someone has been introduced, an account is in place, the opportunity to work with crypto currency is provided. Plastic cards are sent by mail. The interface is easy to use, forming analytics data to help you navigate financial markets better.
It explains how to manage your funds, analyze, choose the right amount to collect, plan for expensive items, coordinate budgets effectively, taking into account tips and advice efficiently. You can work with the currency in the exchange that is inside the app. Fast transaction. Commission is not too high. Convert currency to any pair. In addition, the currency can be sent to a money or card account.
There’s another amazingly comfortable one called SWIFT, which enables secure payment of crypto-currency payments.
From what has been mentioned above, it becomes clear that at seventy seven World Bank partners are the most up-to-date services available at all times, handing over crypto and banking currencies.
Forty Seven Token
What is a Forty Seven Token: This is a token that entitles to take place in Forty Seven program loyalty. FSBT token card holders are eligible to receive annual bonuses as token (FSBL) more, depending on the number of tokens and bank financial results for the previous year. Also, the FSBT token has a practical application in the Forty Seven bank ecosystem itself. At the end of the fund story, the token will be available to replace the crypto market.
For what token the company: 20% of net profit bank for last year will be submitted to the loyalty program. The required number of FSBL tokens will result and in accordance with the smart contract, the token holder will be able to get the number of FSBL tokens that can be exchanged for goods and services on the Forty Seven platform.
* Abbreviation: FSBT.
* Circulation problems: depending on ICO results (max 101 063 830 FSBT).
* Emission control: provided by some of the same terms with each other.
* Course: Fixed, the cost of one token is .0047 ETH.
* Crypto currency received during pre-ICO: ETH.
* Crypto currency received during ICO: ETH, BTC.
* The minimum budget for starting the project is 5,000,000 EUR (18,000 ETH).
* Pre-ICO start date # 1: October 30, 2017 (15:00, GMT + 1, London time).
* Pre-ICO NFC date # 1: November 6, 2017 (23:59, GMT + 1, London time).
* ICO start date: November 13, 2017
* Date of ICO launch: December 11, 2017
Q4 2016
Development of Forty Seven Bank concept, elaboration of project plan
Q2-Q4 2017
Prepare and start crowdfunding through Token Generation Event
Q1 2018
Successfully Started Token Generation Event, Attacking FSBT in exchange
Q2 2018
Deployment of software infrastructure
Q3 2018
Apply for EMI, authorize PI in FCA, with SWIFT system
Q4 2018
Obtain EMI, PI license, authorization for activities of the FCA. Launch of services for FSBT token holders
Q1 2019
Submission of documents to obtain a banking license
Q4 2019
Obtain a banking license. Starting from providing full-scale banking services
Executive team
Advisory Board
Our partners
Logo N2Growth
Logo Microsoft
Logo Deiteriy
Logo Deiteriy
thank you for following the above artikle hopefully what I convey to you all, you can directly join this program ..
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