FRELDO – Blockchain-based Business Social Network Platform.

The United States is the largest economy in the world. This economy is ambiguous, and 62% of the economy of small business.
Freldo is engaged in creating a favorable business climate for small and medium-sized businesses to attract customers. These small businesses range from ordinary hairdressing salons, car repairs, TV repair, radio repair, for people who are looking for ways to start a business to support their families and relatives.
In turn, the ideas of Freldo make business plans for small businesses more favorable for profit in places like the United States and Canada, where their gross domestic product is 62% and 27% respectively of small businesses. This is something that you do not read every day, but it happens.
For any progressive business to flourish, despite the fact that the business provided a favorable atmosphere, every entrepreneur had to win a competition, 
providing quality service. 
Affordable pricing policy for customers. 
Effective and successful marketing solutions. 
Marketing has always been canceled when it comes to small business plans and goals. Thanks to the Internet, a small business can easily sell its products and services around the world with ease.

Problems related to small business

Creating sales even with available services for small businesses creates problems, as a result, the small business owner spends so much money trying to get their product and services on the market. 


Small businesses also faced the problems of bureaucracy, with unnecessary costs and sometimes turning the entrepreneur into bankruptcy, which softens the entrepreneurial spirit of the entrepreneur.
For most small businesses, high commissions in marketing services, financial transactions and currency conversion were unsuccessful

Unused potential of small business

Small and medium-sized businesses in the US, Britain, China and Japan have demonstrated growth over the years to 2013 and continue to grow. Currently, this is a market that will be favorable for small and medium-sized businesses around the world to help with gross domestic revenue growth. 


According to the research conducted, despite all the problems associated with small business in terms of customer problems and small business problems. Worldwide online trade as a whole was estimated at $ 900 billion. The United States in 2013 to 2 trillion dollars in 2017 by forecasting . It is estimated that in 2018 this figure will reach a peak of 2.24 trillion. Doll. USA.

Comparing small businesses and larger companies, the demand for goods and services continues to grow, despite the difficulties encountered in the creation of small businesses in places such as the United States, Britain and China.

Therefore, it is important to equip small businesses with favorable policies, directory services and the service of listed companies, in order to turn a small business into a market in order to compete in its own capacity in generating revenue.

Freldo is designed to try to tap the potential of small businesses by making it accessible via the Internet to customers, getting rid of 
biased and negative feedback from customers and large companies that see the small business owner as a competitor.
The cost of advertising small businesses and businesses is closer – this means that freldo is engaged in reducing costs and making it affordable for small and medium-sized businesses . 
Most customers are interested in knowing how this service will be delivered, and therefore pays much attention;

The price of a good or service compared to larger companies.

Discount is attached to each product and its guarantee.

The small business owner is now faced with how to make the customer happy, thereby turning the client into customers and making customers and advertisers of his goods or services without paying a penny.

What is freldo and why choose freldo?

Freldo Inc … is a name chosen not by chance, but Motto trusts your friend

The company freldo is registered in Canada in 2011, but is based in Toronto, Ontario. Freldo Inc can not compare with any other company, because from the very beginning of its existence it was associated with awareness of the interest in eliminating business risks and bureaucracy faced by small and medium businesses, so you need to Trust your friend

Freldo , a public place where small business owners, their close friends and acquaintances could communicate ideas about products and services to get feedback directly between the seller and the buyer of any small or medium-sized business.

Successful implementation of freldo will solve the problems associated with small and medium-sized businesses, thereby eliminating the high cost of advertising products and services, negative and biased reviews, simplify the financial terms of the product owner and the regular client or potential customer.

Thanks to the technology of freldo blockchain, one could directly communicate with the buyer and seller, eliminating the barrier created by government and business bureaucracy.

Advantages of FreldoCoin (FRECN)

The Crypto currency is here to stay, despite what was said about it, its popularity is undeniable! Freldo has used blockchain technology to develop its own Cryptocurrency .

Freldo Cryptocurrency is based on all types of activities carried out by the owner of small and medium business in the world. A universal and more stable business, based on innovative ideas, rapid development and sustainable to economic shocks in the near future.

Freldo is beneficial for the national currency and settlements, as well as for the accumulation of FRECN for use in countries where FRECN works successfully.

Freldo Apps

Mobile phones are mainly used now for Internet access, so as a Cryptocurrency BlockChain FRECN it would be beneficial to have the Freldo application as a mobile application.


The beauty of FreldoApp is that you can communicate, make orders, pay and publish offers about business using the application when it is fully developed . This can be done not only with desktop computers or lab consoles, but also with the help of smartphones .

This will allow you to manage your business anywhere, anytime while there is an Internet connection. The application is a HybridApp technology compatible with the MobileApp and Mobile site, with real-time notification of transactions, reviews and news.

The payment inside freldo will be carried out directly without intermediaries, and various payment currencies ( PayPal, BTC, ETH ) will be used .



Bounty campaign distribution of alocation

1. Signature Campaign – 20%
2. Instagram Campaign – 5%
3. Youtube Campaign – 15%
4. Twitter Campaign – 15%
5. Facebook Campaign – 15%
6. Medium Campagin – 5%
5. Translation Campaign – 5%
6. Media/Blog Campaign – 15%
7. Reserve – 5%
Bounty Campaign starts 1 July and ends in September 17, 2018.
Bounty campaign allocated 5 000 000 FRECN tokens. (1 FRECN = 0.0002 ETH)
Sale starts July 16, 2018 and ends in September 17, 2018.
Bounty-Manager is – TotSamiy.
Telegram – @Ellihio

For join bounty campaign, please click this link :

Details ICO.
Pre-ICO: July, 16 2018
Pre-ICO hard cover: 2 000 ETH
ICO: Aug, 17 2018
Soft stamp: 4 000 ETH
Hard cap: 80,000 ETH
Token: FRECN
Price: 1 FRECN = 0,0002 ETH

Freldo roadmap to success

Assuming that funding all the necessary functions of the social network and the freldo market is quite tense and time consuming.
Creating a feature-rich application, such as this, takes time and money to achieve the full potential.
Thus, the development team better issues a roadmap to know how you can make your own technology on a blockbuster and a strong market in a timely manner. The idea of ​​a road map is to show how development develops, and it is gradually changing.

Freldo development team
Already now Freldo is launched in the US and Canada and has plans for promotion in many countries around the world. 
This is an opportunity that the development team uses, making Freldo a global social networking site.
The goal of freldo is to support small businesses and become the most accessible, reliable and modern resources for exchanging business products and services with people.
The Freldo development team is
  • Evgeny Olkhovsky: founder and CEO of Freldo Toronto, Canada. 
  • Zelik Levit: Technical Director of Toronto, Canada 
  • Paul Brockman: Senior Technical Consultant of Toronto Canada 
  • Gennady Schleier: Enterprise Data Architect in Toronto, Canada. 
  • Alex Manzyukov: Lead Consultant-Consultant in Toronto, Canada. 
  • Evgeny Merkulov: Technical Leader of Ness Ziona Israel
The following people act as advisors;
  • Stan Dubinsky: financial adviser to Toronto, Canada. 
  • Sanjeev Raghu: marketing consultant in New Delhi India India 
  • Ameer Rosic: adviser on block chains Toronto, Canada.

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